Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wish-it-was-snow-day Wednsday Scribe (10/26/11)

Too beautiful a day to be inside, but alas.... If you were to have seen me today in English, I was pounding on the keys, typing like mad woman! Anyways... after the morning routine and announcements, we did the Question Answer piece for the SAT's...



I- 1.- #1- dichotomy, #2- laconic, #3 macroscopic, and #4- quiddity.

III- #2- measures, speed; #3- mediocre, intermediate; #4- embolism, hyperbole, symbol; #5- probe, probably.

Improving Sentences- #4- E


-SAT Words and test(spelling, definition, part of speech, synonyms and possible antonyms) Friday

-Outline, thesis, citations, and quotes for In class essay- Thursday(More info at end of blog.)

-Finish reading banned book

- Have movie trailer for banned book finished by Monday! Remember we have a work in class day on Friday, so bring your stuff.

- Have a great day!

Outline info:
- Remember notes taken on how to write an outline! USE THEM!!!
-Use Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Burgeon, The Pedestrian, and some modern article in your three body paragraphs. Need 3 sources and quotes per paragraph with lead in's and explanations for each.
- Examples you could use: Overly powerful gov't, conforming to the norm, technology taking over, or loss of knowledge and relationships. Feel free to come up with your own as well!
- Remember that a book needs to be italicized or underlined, but short stories need to be in quotes.
- Since prompt is a two part question (Go to Smith's page and slide show to find it.), thesis needs to be a two part sentence, use a semi-colon. Ex: Bradbury and Vonnegut's warn in their works of the dangers of technology, the destructive nature of an overpowering gov't, and the loss of knowledge because of both; in today's society, these have come true.
- Intro paragraph needs attention getter and thesis: should be two- three sentences long. Title, author, restate question, thesis.

Well that's all! Hope to see you tomorrow!
Your fellow blogger/classmate,

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