Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Oct 6, 2011

HELLO PERIOD 5! Today was an interesting and exciting day, as class was interrupted by a short 2min 50sec fire drill! (Good time Warriors!)
Our Homework for the night-
-Have pages 1-40 of Fahrenheit 451 read by tomorrow, as well as 3 HIGHER LEVEL THINKING questions
-Find and start reading a banned and challenged book
-Banned Book Parent Letter due on MON!
and finally...
 After taking a two question quiz on our readings over the short story "The Pedestrian" as well as writing a topic sentence, we discussed Fischbowl discussions, and how to construct a higher level thinking question. 
 Smith explained that a higher level thinking question is a critical thinking question or an interpretive question, not a question that could be answered directly from the text. Critical thinking questions do not necessarily have one answer, they can be text to text connections etc. Interpretive questions are questions that can find logical conclusions through inferences.
Have a great night!!

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