Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scribe-October 7

We had a very eventful day in class on Friday. As the bell rang, the door shut and Smith walked into. As a pedestrian day would happen, she said, "Hello class." so we all said, "Hello Smith!"
Next, Smith went over the agenda for the day and the homework for over the weekend. Over the weekend, students are supposed to read pages 41-68 in our "Farenheit 451" books. While doing this, make sure to be thinking of three high level questions over the reading. Remember that high level questions should be a questions that spark debate and requires an opinion. These three questions are due Monday. The weekend is also a great time to wrap up your WONDER WOMAN songs. These songs are also due Monday and should be based off of country music and contain all 15 of your SAT spelling words. Make sure to be reading your banned book over this long weekend. If you have not found your book yet, be sure to turn in your letter signed by a parent or guardian. Last but not least be sure to study pages 1-40 in your books as we will be having a quiz on them on Monday.
In class,  we fishbowled on pages 1-40, Smith came around and checked our three questions, but we mainly fishbowled all through class. It was a very well done fishbowl. Many creative topiocs came up. If you would like more info on the fishbowl, email me at or check out the period 5 blog post that had over 200 comments! Good job!     HAVE A WONDER WOMANTASTIC WEEKEND

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