Monday, October 24, 2011

Period 05-October 24, 2011

As always, Smith's infamous greeting began class this afternoon. From there, she went straight into discussing this week's homework assignments. For tonight remember to:

1) Work on your Banned Book project. Remember, it is due a week from today: Halloween.
2) Prepare for our in-class work day on the Banned Book projects tomorrow. Come to class with all the materials that you need to make it a productive work time.
3) Study in preparation for tomorrow's quiz over the third part of Fahrenheit 451.
4) Start working on SAT Lesson 7. The exercises are due on Friday, the same day that the quiz will be taken. Remember, we do not need to do the essay writing portion of Exercise Five!

Once the preceding assignments were jotted down in each student's planner, there was a review over this week's SAT words. (They include adroit, macroscopic, fatuous, bovine, ferret, affectation, knell, dichotomy, callow, laconic, quiddity, patent, peccadillo, sagacious, and rationalize) Smith noted that it is helpful to know the pronunciations of each word. There is a pronunciation guide on page nine of your vocabulary book to help you.
As soon as that was over, one person from each partnership of the Element Symbol groups gave a brief presentation of their project. They would state the element, the element ranking, and the symbolism behind each item on their piece of cardstock. Each one now helps to make up the periodic table on the bulletin board.
The class ended with our final Fahrenheit 451 fishbowl. This conversation brought up several questions that we felt needed answering with the end of the book. To find the comments from the outer circle's live blogging conversations, follow this link.

Have a wonderful rest-of-the evening, everyone!

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