Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrid Period October 20, 2011

Today started out with the morning announcements and then the...
"Hello Everybody!" "Hello Smith!"

     The next thing that happened was announcements from our class: 
  • Macy told us about the food drive and her choir class.  She wants us to bring in cans, non-perishable food (cereal, mac and cheese etc.) and money donations; if possible.  The school goal is to get 500 filled boxes by end of next Friday.  Mrs. Smith came up with an idea for our class, $10 per kid and give the money to Macy by Monday. Mrs. Smith will bake up a storm for us! 
  • Liz had an announcement for animoto. Smith’s account is full. Liz created another one.  The redemption code is: A4eericf5dac6f
  • Sophia posted a blog on Mrs. Smith's wall.  You can post any questions you have about the movie trailer and Mrs. Frisky will answer them.
We then had a great fishbowl today!  You can refer to the blog post to clue in on our discussion.

Our Homework!
  • read 137-179 and 3questions (due Monday) 
  • read banned book 
  • symbolic element- (due Monday)
  • SAT (1-6) quiz tomorrow- word and definition
  • Work on movie trailer
  • 3 weeks of all our work is up on line!!

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