Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11, 2011 Period 3

Today in English was pretty normal, no collapsed students, drug-sniffing dogs, or Wonder Woman country songs. With the customary "Hello Smith!" we began our day. First, we listened to the Arapahoe announcements. Second, we took our Fahrenheit 451 pages 1-40 quiz with a group of three. After that, we circled up to discuss pages 41-68 of Fahrenheit 451. After what seemed to be a small amount of hardcore discussion about the society in the book, class was done. :-(

Homework due tomorrow:

  • Fahrenheit 451 pages 41-68 quiz tomorrow! - Make sure to study!
  • If you have not emailed your Parent-Teacher Conference to your parents or handed a printed copy to Ms. Smith, do so by tomorrow.

Homework due next Monday:

  • Read Fahrenheit 451 pages 68-91 for Monday
  • Turn in you Banned Book Project Plan/Proposal next Monday

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