Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011 Smith Period 3

Hello everybody! Today was a very pedestrian day. The usual “Good morning class,” responded by “Hello Smith,” is starting to get more dreary as we continue through the year. We listened to the Arapahoe Announcements, followed up by Mrs. Smith talking about the agenda for the day.
After, we all turned in our banned book proposals. Go onto Mrs. Smith’s webpage and under the Fahrenheit 451 tab click on Banned Book Fair Assignment. Print off this page and write or comment on what you will be doing for the assignment(ex: Animoto, Windows Movie Maker, etc.).  Do not worry if you are unsure of what to do because one of Mrs. Smith’s students has a parent in the movie making business. She will come in sometime this week to discuss expectations and what makes a movie great.
Before we could start on exciting fishbowl, the entire class had to watch the group who won the Wonder Woman Song contest devour the sugary feast Mrs. Smith prepared for them. Most classmates tried to ignore the group but it was hard to see the giant grins forming on their faces. After an intense discussion formed on the blog and in the classroom the bell rang leaving the question in all our heads, is technology a good thing or a bad thing? Post what you think in the comments.

·        Read pages 91-110 in Fahrenheit 451, the fishbowl will take place on Thursday. Come prepared to class with at least 3 questions on Thursday.
·        There will be a quiz on Friday on SAT vocabulary words sections 1-6. It will be similar to recent tests where you have to give either the definition, part of speech, or the word.
·        Read banned book, remember the final project is due on Halloween!

Scribe: Alex Baughman

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