Monday, October 10, 2011

Period 5 October 10, 2011

Today began with the regular, "Hello Smith!", but little did we know that today was going to be one out of the ordinary! As the class prepared for the Fahrenheit 451 quiz over pages 1-40, we were surprised to find out that the only thing on the daily agenda was to preform our Wonder Woman songs. But they weren't just any ordinary Wonder Woman songs, they had to involve our SAT words from Lesson 6 which substituted for our test. 

So, the homework for tonight is:

  1. Read pages 41-68 of 451 for tomorrow's FishBowl
  2. Write 3 higher level questions on the 41-68 pages of 451
  3. Quiz tomorrow over pages 1-40 of 451, so STUDY HARD
  4. Read banned book
  5. Write Parent Teacher conference letter due tomorrow (print one for Ms. Smith and one for your parents to take to conferences)
If you would like to view your Wonder Woman songs online, go to: for all the performances!
(please copy and paste the url into the address bar [the link is not working])
Everyone have a magnificent Monday!

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