Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smith Honors English Period 3

Good Morning Class!
                Today Mrs. Smith was out because her son was sick, so we had a substitute teacher, Mrs. Karet. As you know today was the PSAT tests for some sophomores and juniors. So school started at 11:00 today. YEAH!!! Once in class we were not greeted by Mrs. Smith and we got right to working on our page 41-68 Fahrenheit 451 quiz. We got to work in groups of three. After done with the quiz we got a chance to start our homework.
                Speaking of homework for the long weekend it is:
1.       Read pages 68-91 in Fahrenheit 451
2.       3 questions for above pages
3.       Write your banned book trailer proposal
Have a great long weekend everyone. See you all again bright and early on Monday!

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