Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday 19th, October 5th Block Scribe!

The class started of with the banal, "Hello Class!" and the quick reply, "Hello Smith!"
Because of the PLC Late Start, it was a very ephemeral class period! Here is what we have for homework:
  • Read our banned book (try to read about 20 pages a night)
  • Read 91-136 (3 questions due tomorrow)
  • Symbolic element
  • Review SAT 5 and 6
Also today, we have the special privilege of having Mrs. Frisky come in to talk to us about our

Movie Trailers!

Here were some of the tips she bestowed upon us:

  • Mention/present your product and share its information/benefits in the best creative way to garner the desired response!
  • (Mention product) The name of the movie
  • (Info/Benefits) Plot points or cool prestige elements such as the director's or actor's names.
  • (Creative) Exciting editing, clever copy, memorable scenes or dialogue, compelling music
  • (Desired Response) TICKET SALES!
  • Include sensory elements to the movie trailer!
  • And lastly, LESS IS MORE!
Before we know it, the bell rings but before we leave, we give a quick thank you to Mrs. Frisky!

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