Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scribe for English 9 Honors 5- 10/25/11

Hey guys! So the day started off with the usual "Hello everybody!" from Ms. Smith and then we got started! We took the Fahrenheit 451 test section 3 with up to two partners (not including yourself) and we also took a reading comprehension test by ourselves on Fahrenheit 451. As you know, our project for the banned book assignment is due on Monday. Today Ms. Smith let us use the rest of the hour to work on our project so make sure to have it ready by October 31! (Halloween!!!!) Our homework for tonight is to work on SAT#7 and be ready for the quiz on Friday! Also put the finishing touches on your banned book as well as reading it for the project. Remember:You must have at least one movie that goes with the project! You can find the submission form to upload your movie on Ms. Smith's website. Have a super fantastic Tuesday!

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