Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scribe 10/27/11

"Hello, class!" "Hello, Smith!"
Today in 5th hour Honors English, we worked on the essay for Fahrenheit 451, "The Pedestrian", and "Harrison Bergeron". The whole class period was devoted to this, so there isn't much to tell. Due to the limitation of time and the perfectionist nature of honors students, one paragraph was actually taken out of the assignment. All you have to do is 2 body paragraphs, but keep all three reasons in the thesis. Also, we were allowed to edit our papers for 15 minutes over night. Remember, only 15 minutes to edit. We filed out of class then, happy to have some extra time to work on the essay.
The essay must be printed out and ready before class tomorrow!!! There will be no printing in class!!!

SAT Lesson 7
Study for SAT Test Tomorrow (Study word, definition, part of speech, and antonyms/synonyms)
Keep working on the banned book project due Monday
Bring essay to class printed tomorrow

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