Monday, October 3, 2011

Ocober 3rd, 2011

Our day started out as the usual "HELLO SMITH". We went over our homework as usual, but wait what was this? NO SAT VOCABULARY?! it has to be a typo! We have been doing vocabulary for a consecutive five weeks, we could not stop now! Smith explains to us that this is a "special week" meaning that instead of excersizes and a quiz on Friday we had (pause for dramatic effect) A SONG! The song is to include all of lesson six's words, a country theme and has to be about wonder women. 
The sky is the limit!!
Yes, that means costumes, instruments and backgrounds. You get to choose your group of four to five people then come up with an original tune or alter an existing one. We will be performing our songs in front of the class on Monday. Why would we want to do this you ask? Well other than the obvious grade part, Smith is giving the winning song her very own homemade goodies!
We also talked about how to write a topic sentence. Smith made a power point of all the ones that were not up to expectations, mostly because they were containing two sentences instead of only one.
Good Topic Sentence
  •  Title
  • Author
  • Restates question
  • Why?
Our project for our banned books is to create it's very own movie trailer and QR code for smartphones. Smith gave us recommendations for making our trailer Animoto, Flixtime and Photopeach. This project is due on HALLOWEEN! (October, 31).

Homework: Wonder Women song performance (Monday)
Banned Book Letter (Monday)

Emily Hecomovich, 5th period (:

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