Friday, October 21, 2011

Mrs. Friskey to you...

From Mrs. Friskey.... THANKS for sharing time with me to talk about the banned book movie trailer project. To begin your project ask yourself, "How do I mention/present the banned book and share its information/benefits in the best creative way to garner the desired response?"

 FUN FACT: The average movie costs 98 million dollars to make! Promotion and marketing (including creating the trailers) can take up to 5% of that total. So what do you do if you don't have a few million bucks to make your banned book trailer? First thing...don't freak out! Second...make a storyboard. Once you see your idea on paper it's a lot easier to determine if you can actually pull off the visuals, music and sound effects you're thinking about.

 REMEMBER...LESS IS MORE! GUESS WHAT?! The Drama Department is running a trailer for the fall play "The People vs. Maxine Lowe" during lunchtimes in the cafe. Check it out!!! Also it has that cool green screen with "This preview has been approved for all audiences" at the beginning just like a real trailer. I know a few of you have an idea to use this at the top of your trailers too. The Drama Department Producer just pulled it off of YouTube.  

HOW TO MAKE A STORY BOARD Go to click on teachers Tools and Templates, then click on Language Arts templates then scroll down to other templates and you'll see Storyboard 8 panel. Click on it and print out. In each box, draw your visual then write your copy (script) in the spaces below. Remember to add notes about music or sound effects.

 Will your trailer GARNER THE DESIRED RESPONSE? Did you remember that LESS IS MORE?

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