Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey everyone! Today we did not recieve the warm welcoming of "Hello everybody!"=( Ms. Smith was sadly not here today but we still had a productive as well as fun day because we had a fantastic sub named Mrs. Karet! Today went by in a flash due to the class periods only being 28 minutes. We started off the class by taking attendance and then we moved  into turning in any extra parent letters and getting into groups of 3 for the Fahrenheit 451 test on pgs. 41-68. Make sure to study for the next test section! After we finished up with the quiz we had choices of reading the next assigned section of Fahrenheit 451 or talking to our classmates. Our homework for this luxurious four day weekend is to read Fahrenheit 451 pgs. 68-91 and to write 3, three level questions to bring to class for Monday. Make sure to have most of if not all of your banned book read by Monday and bring your banned book proposal! Also be ready to present on Monday or discuss if you sighned up to be in the inner circle of the fish bowl! Have a great weekend!

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