Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011; 3rd Hour

Today we had a special visitor come talk to our third hour class about our movie trailers. She showed us the good traits and the necessitates of a successful trailer:
  •  Mention your product (title of book)
  • Info/Benefits: Info- it does this this and this. It is easy to use…. Etc.
  • Creative: Exciting editing, clever copy, memorable scenes or dialogue, compelling music; use direct out-of-text quotes from the book
  • Desired Response: Yes, read this book because... or no, don't read this book because...
  • Always stick to your goal
  • APPEAL TO SENSES: what you hear, read, see; be aware of your viewer;  who do you want to read this book?
Creativity is extremely important and make the audience want to read it (or not read it). 
Its already the end of the period on this 40 minute PLC English 9 Honors class.


Homework: study SAT lessons 1-6, read your banned book, and read 451: 91-136 (fishbowl tomorrow!)

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