Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow Day Fail :( Period 5 Wednesday Scribe (10-26-2011)

Today was a very awkward day in period 5 English class. As me and some fellow honor students walked to English class which is normally in C11 we saw that we were actually going to be in C9. Then we were greeted by the usual,” Hello Class!” from Mrs.Smith and the class answered,” Hello Smith!” Then we pulled out our super tiny triple E computers and began taking notes for the in class essay we will be doing tomorrow. As I was taking notes I couldn’t help my self feeling bad for Mrs.Smith writing the essay outline on the board. After we were done writing notes on the in class essay Mrs.Smith went over the notes in detail and we were allowed to ask questions about the essay. Once Nick said that there was only six quotes instead of nine everyone including Mrs. Smith started saying there was only six quotes in the essay. Then to make it clear on what we could  bring to class tomorrow for our outline Mrs.Smith enraged made a huge star like figure on the board were it says what we could bring until the chalk broke and fell to the ground. I felt that this was the funniest thing I had ever seen a teacher do and burst out into laughter. After this we continued to look at how a a body paragraph should look and how to connect back to the topic sentence and the thesis of the essay. I could tell that everyone was a little nervous about the essay because we continued bombarding Mrs.Smith with question after question and she continued to answer them in good detail. She made grave emphasis on sticking to the outline so that we can finish the essay in the time we get in one class period. For class tomorrow bring a good outline so that you are not having to look up stuff and wasting your time on doing stuff you should of done the night before.

The homework for tonight is the fallowing: Work on banned book project, read banned book, do outline for essay and SAT 7 exercises. You will need to now the words definition, part of speech and the synonyms and antonyms for the test on Friday. There is a chance that we will be in C9 tomorrow so be prepared to use the triple e computers.

Things to have written for tomorrow
  • Thesis statement
  • Attention getter with proper citation if using a quote.
  • All 9 of your quotes with proper citation. example: (Bradbury, Fahrenheit,6).
  • Works Cited

So class be prepared to write your essay as soon as you get into class because the essay is due by the end of the period. Although you should be prepared you should not have the entire essay complete because that is cheating and Mrs.Smith will rip it up, spill water on your computer and make you pay for it. Don’t forget to do your homework and use the notes you took in class to create a good outline for your essay.
See you tomorrow your fellow classmate,
Marco Garcia

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