Friday, October 28, 2011

Just a Reminder! 10/28/11

  • Emma- popcorn
  • Ruth- pretzels
  • Savannah- chips con queso
  • James- chips
  • Alison- brownies
  • Sophia- cookies
  • Shannon- puppy chow
  • Savannah- pastries
  • Nick- candy
  • Sean- ice cream
  • Grant- Root Beer
  • Alex B.- Sprite
  • Alex D.- 2L Fanta
  • Savannh- soda
  • Delany- hot coco mix
  • Amber- white napkins
  • Monica- black and orange napkins
  • Liz- plates
  • Jacqueline- cups
  • Alison- insulated cups
  • Annabelle- Utensils
NOTE: Macy and Bekah, since you were gone, we signed up for what we want to bring on Monday.  Just fill in under the area that you want to bring!

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