Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scribe October 5

Hey everyone! We began class as always: announcements, "Hello class", and writing down today's homework.

Be sure to...
-start reading pages 1-40 of Fahrenheit 451 for Friday
-read and annotate "The Pedestrian" for tomorrow
-be ready to discuss "The Pedestrian" and "Harrison Bergeron" for tomorrow
-make sure your banned book letter is turned in by Monday
-be reading your banned book
-continue work on Wonder Woman song (presentations Monday)

In class today, we started with a post on the class blog. We had to write a topic sentence about "Harrison Bergeron." Smith reminded us the requirements for a topic sentence (author, title, restate question, answer question, explain why. Also, it's a sentence. As in, singular!) We also had to take a little mini-quiz. It was two questions concerning the themes of "Harrison Bergeron."

Then we were ready for some violence! We watched the climax of Macbeth when Macduff and Macbeth have their final confrontation. It was the Roman Palanski version, so as expected it was twisted, violent, and comically cheesy.

We were given the rest of the period as work time for our Wonder Woman songs. Get those creative juices flowing! Winners get treats! Totally worth it!

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