Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scribe 5th hour October 18, 2011

Your scribe is here to recapitulate for you. We started our class with our customary greetings.

Then it was down to business as we began sharing our opinions on polleverywhere.The topics today were: censorship is never justified, and governments should always try to make people happy. Click, click, click, and then the discussion stormed on.

We started our symbolic element project. Note to self, it will be due this Friday!

As there are many elements in the periodic table, books have many elements. In groups of 2 or by yourself...

1. Create a symbol for your symbolic element of Fahrenheit 451 (letter symbol like the ones on the periodic table). Confused? Keep reading for further instructions.

2. The atomic mass is always 451.

3. Include the atomic number (1-10) to rank the importance of the symbol in the book (10 being the most important)

4. Come up with at least one strong image of your symbol.

5. Have quotations from the book and they must be cited correctly ex. (Bradbury 7)

The groups are:

Brian, Sanjay- Fire

Emily H., Alex- Kerosene

Troy, Cole- Mechanical Hound

Hunter, Nick- Books

Lauren- color

Zoey, Rachel-TV

Andrew, Colin- Phoenix

Sarah, Ellie- marriage

Cassie, Meghan- Pills

Maddie D., Sam- Eyes


Maddie M.,Taylor- ventillator grille

Marco- sieve and sand

Emily M.,Zoe- Mildred

Joey, Amanda-Salamander

Mackenzie- hands

Madison- EMTs


Fahrenheit 451

read pages 110-136 tonight

Have three questions prepared for the Fishbowl discussing pages 91-136

SAT Vocab

Review sections 3 and 4 tonight to prepare for the quiz on Friday over chapters 1-6. You need to know the definition, spelling, and the part of speech.

Banned Book Project

Continue reading your banned book

The banned book project is due October 31.

Make sure to bring any questions you have about the banned book trailer as a guest, who works on movie trailers, will be discussing how to make your trailer awesome!

Enjoy catching up on some sleep tomorrow, love those PLCs. :D

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