Monday, October 17, 2011

Smith Period 5 Scribe!!!!

Hey guys! Welcome to the Period 5 Smith Scribe! (Hey, that rhymed, well, sort of...)

We came into C-11, grabbed our laptops and sat in our seats. We logged onto the class blog, all ready for a successful fishbowl. Then, Ms. Smith came in and the usual exchange of hellos took place. Then Smith began to tell us about the agenda. Here's how it went down.

First, she explained the homework. Look at the bottom of the post if you need it.

Next, she reminded us to keep reading our banned books and work on the projects because they are due on October 31st, aka Halloween. She also told us that a parent who works with movie trailers is going to come in and help us with our projects! She'll be in sometime this week.

Then we turned in homework assignments that were due. We turned in the proposal for our banned book project. For this, go to Mrs. Smith's web page under Fahrenheit 451 and click on Banned Book Fair Assigment. Print it, and give Ms. Smith an idea of what you are doing with the project. She also had us show her the three questions for our 61-91 reading of 451.

Before we started the fishbowl, the winners of the Wonder Woman sing-off got to eat chocolate cake. However, the girls who won weren't very hungry, so everyone in the class got a piece! 
Next, we fishbowled. (Is that even a verb? I guess it is now.) There were 125 comments. Sweetness! (like the cake.) 

And, of course, the thing all scribes must end with...


* For Fahrenheit 451, read 91-110. Come to class with three, 3, tres, questions for Thursday and get ready to fishbowl some more.

* There will be a SAT quiz on Friday! Make sure to review units 1-6. You need to know the definition, spelling, and part of speech. 

*And keep reading your banned book, and work on the project, because it's due on Halloween!

Have an awesome Monday! Hope this helps for anyone who was absent, confused, etc. Bye!!! 

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