Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Smith 3 December 13, 2011

Well, congratulations!
You made it through the first day of finals! woohoo
Go home and get some rest and remember tomorrow is the English final. Bring your outline and typing fingers to be ready to write our in class essay! Other then that not much else to scribe, see you all tomorrow and...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Writing Guide- Decmeber 9, 2011

Attention getter: quotes, snippet, image, question
Explain attention getter
B4 Thesis- ex) Bradbury’s Fahrenheit, Shakespeare's Macbeth (etc) all death with challenging the system.
Thesis: Overview...answer question & why? set up 3 points
-Make the intro very brief, 25 points-

Thesis is always the last sentence of your intro paragraph.

Topic Sentence: comes from thesis
Set up first point: what’s going on in the story
Lead in, “quote” (citation: Shakespeare Act. Scene. Line).
Explanation: 1. What is quote saying? 2. Connect to paragraph point 3. Connect to thesis
Connect to topic sentence
Connect to thesis- SOCIAL CHANGE
Transition: connection (similar, also, although, etc.)
Set up second point
Lead in, “quote” (Golding 47).
Explanation (same as above)
Connect to Topic sentence
Connect to challenge system.. WHY or social change
Repeat for each quote
Concluding sentence: from topic sentence sum up
-75 POINTS!! spend most of your time on the body-
Restate thesis: must use different wording
Review points: come from body paragraphs
Satisfying conclusion: The way your story begins is the way your story ends; connect points, big idea (connect to world, bigger picture, what does this mean for humanity?),


(Bradbury, Fahrenheit #).
(Bradbury, ‘Pedestrian’).
(Orwell, #).
(Shakespeare, Act. Scene. Line).
(Golding, #).
(Lawrence & Lee Act. Scene. Line).
Banned book

      You can have your works cited ready and printed out, and have your quotes & thesis                      
         The paper rubric is on Smith's Teacher page :)
USE THE TOOLS YOU HAVE: go to thesaurus- us the SAT words!! 
Show don't tell- use HUGE words to describe 

TIME: you have an hour and 1/2 hour--spend about an hour and 15 minutes to write and leave 15 minutes to proof read- go SLOW and read in OUT LOUD (to yourself)

Take time to put it in Microsoft Word because google docs won't have spell check and grammatical error check

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011- Period 5

Our homework for tomorrow is to bring a skeletal outline for our final essay (nothing filled in except the thesis). Also, Smith recommended that we read 1984 over break, but we only have to read through page 147 (book 2, chapter 4) by our next discussion.

Our final is in exactly one week!!

Third hour determined that our 200 point essay is 11.4678899082568827339 % of our total grade (thank you Jordan). Smith suggested that we come in and talk to her about our outlines before the final. She also posted the rubric online.

We then listened to the songs from the 1984 soundtrack, and made notes.
The songs were
I Did it Just the Same
Sex Crime
For the Love of Big Brother
Winston's Diary
Greetings from a Dead Man
Ministry of Love
Room 101

December 8, 2011 Scribe - Smith Period 3

Hello fellow Smith students.  Mrs. Smith reminded us to check our grades on infinite campus, because all grades have been updated. Make sure you don't have any missing work, and if you do, make sure you turn it in as soon as possible. We spent the day listening to songs from 1984.  Remember: Finals week is approaching, fast! So make sure you review the outline skeleton for the essay in class for finals.

-Read pages 117-147 in 1984
-Review and work on the outline for your in-class essay, skeleton with thesis written due by tomorrow.   

Scribe Period 3 12/8/11

Hello everyone! Today in class after announcements(http://ahsdailyannouncements.blogspot.com/), we went over homework.

HW: 117-147pg from 1984 and 1 critical thinking question due after winter break
Basic outline and thesis, you don't need quotes yet!
Say doubleplusgood to someone! You'll get it in a minute...

We discussed how finals would affect your grade. After some heavy-duty math, we discovered it is 11% of the critical thinking grade.

We listened to different 1984 movie songs, so I hope you brought your ears! Go to Smith's page under This I believe to find the songs. The first song was I did it just the same and had a very eighties feel to it while it was instrumental. Very interesting.....as Smith said some of the songs would be yesterday. Sex Crime had a repetitive beginning and again sounded very eighties. Had a beat that made you want to dance, and I admit my feet were tapping. Tells how difficult it is to abstain from these Sex Crimes which in the book is having any relationship with someone of the opposite sex. It also repeated 1984 several times thought the song and the chorus. Some similarities the class noticed in these two songs were how they sounded very futuristic and the style of Micheal Jackson and Prince. The second song we noticed that the lyrics didn't really match the fast beat.
For the love of Big Brother began with a bit slower beat than the previous two songs and a woman was singing it. Sounded like a eighties love song and the lyrics matched. It talked about how she hears big brother, sees what he does, but can't see him in person. Portrays a secret wanting for some companionship and a sadness underneath it all. Also that Big Brother is always watching you even when you don't think he is. We skipped down to DoublePlusGood began with drums and a very casual semi-beach party feel. Unfortunately, when the chorus began the class knew this was the song that was going to be stuck in out heads ALL DAY!!!! Oh well..... It began to repeat DoublePlusGood about 100 times.....okay maybe not that many but you get the point. At the end, it winded down with counting from10-1. Showed the simplicity of the society and showed the brainwashing of the repetitive tune.
Our last song was Julia, Mrs. Mortiz's favorite. It went right into the lyrics, very romantic sounding with the harmonies and chines. Kinda sounded like the wind blowing through which matches the lyrics. Speaks of old times hoping they continue even when the times, seasons change. There was less drums, banging the tune into your head. Very peaceful and represented how fragile their relationship is.
The bell rang and we were off to our next class! Have a good day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1984 69-117 Period 5

1984 69-117 Period 3

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scribe Period 5 December 6, 2011

No Mrs. Smith today. :( We had Mr. Rosenberg though, who was pretty cool.
We started off the class with five to seven minutes to talk with out group and run through our presentation as a group.
Then, sooner than we would've liked, IT WAS TIME TO PRESENT!
As you might know, the class broke up the project into different topics, not time intervals. The topics we had were (in this order):

  1. Social
  2. Economic
  3. Entertainment
  4. Politics
  5. Conflicts
  6. International Relations
  7. New world leaders
Every group was finished with about 4 paragraphs and around 4 pictures. Everyone did really well. Good job presenting everybody! 
Before we knew it, class was over and all of the presenting was done. :(

Homework for tonight: Read 69-117 by tomorrow in 1984 and come with a higher level thinking question for tomorrow's Fishbowl!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scribe December 2, 2011 Period 5

Class went very routinely on Friday. Of course it begun with the perfunctory, "Hello Class!" and the eager, "Hello Smith!". After that we quickly moved on to record the homework in our planners. HW: Read 69-117 for discussion on Wednesday, Loggel due Tuesday. No items were collected. We then proceeded to a Discussion of pages 1-69 of 1984 via CoverItLive. It was a great discussion, everyone was engaged. The discussion went as long as it could-the bell. Everyone left satisfied with their learning on this exciting last day of the week.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Smith Period 3 (December 2, 2011)

    Hey Guys!  
    Happy Friday! We met in room C9 instead of the usual room C11. On arrival we found all of the desks in C11 in a circle with laptops on every desk. Every laptop had headphones and a chord that was connected to a grey box located in the middle of the room. This was for the class period before us so we neatly put away the laptops and headphones and unplugged all the chords. The desks were rearranged for our fishbowl about 1984

    With new laptops on the desk most of the class logged into the Smith 9H 11-12 blog so we could discuss the film while the people in the fishbowl (Shannon, Amber, Alison, Macy, Bekah, Monica) prepared for their verbal discussion.The people on the outside used Cover It Live (which was located on Mrs. Smith's blog) which was a fast chatting service. We used the same system of posting we had used before (I.E. "Class- What are Big Brother's motives?") but because of how fast Cover It Live was we were able to make full online conversations, with  people responding and voicing their opinion. 

   The Homework for the weekend is to read pages 69-117 in 1984 (there will be a discussion next week), your Loggel project (due Tuesday), and one higher level thinking question about 1984 pages 69-117 (due Monday).

1984 Period 5 1-69

1984 Period 3 1-69

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smith Period 3!!!!!!!

Hello Class!!! Hello Smith!!!
HOMEWORK: Bring in 1 big question over 1-69, Tomorrow we will be doing an aquarium talk with live blog over comprehension
AQUARIUM: We went over loads of ideas and agreed on doing: There will be 4 discussion times, we picked 1 time for each person that way there will be about 5 people in the middle to discuss and be able to talk more. This way there will be chairs in the middle left for ones  on the outside that have input. At the same time a live blog will be going on with the outside of the circle, basically what we did for Fahrenheit,POLITICAL CARTOONS: First Smith matched us up with dealing cards into groups of 3-4. Then we made one word responses to political cartoons (TRULY HARD), then we circled what stood out at us right when we looked at it. We then talked about political propaganda, and here were some of our ideas: Advertising is used to put up conditional statements about our society, guilt, threaten, take away people’s rights to question, using good looking fit people makes people want to be them so they will do whatever the propaganda is, putting a happy spin on dangerous activities, inspirational, fearful,  Colors really add to the meaning of the cartoon: when we looked at the navy poster it was red white and blue. Here are some of the cartoons smith showed us on the overhead.
12/2: (1-69)- Shannon, Amber, Alison, Macy, Bekah, Monica
12/7: (69-117)- Ruthie, Sean, Nick, Sophia, Alex B.
1/6: (117-224)- James, Jacqueline, Alex D., Grant, Liz 
1/10: (224-298)- Rebecca (Dill), Savannah, Annabelle, Jordan, Emma B.