Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011

     "Hello Smith!" After the usual morning announcements, class began. THIS MONDAY your Macbeth and Lord of the Flies paper is due. Don't forget to print it out, make sure it's double spaced, and have it in MLA format. The heading for your paper should go: Name, Class Info., Smith, 30 September, 2011. Then follows your title, centered and don't forget to make it creative! At the end of the paper should be a works cited page. Works Cited should be written at the top of the page, and centered. Then, you list your citations. You should cite both Macbeth and Lord of the Flies; cite the books, not all your quotes. Also, if you had an attention getter at the beginning of your paper, don't forget to cite that quote too. To make citing easier, you can go onto (plug in the ISBN number of your version of Macbeth; it should be located on top of the bar code) and put your citations in alphabetical order, double spaced, with hanging indents.DON'T FORGET TO PRINT OF THE RUBRIC FOR THE PAPER (under the Macbeth tap on Smith's teacher page) AND DO NOT STAPLE IT TO YOUR PAPER, TURN IT IN SEPARATELY. 
     During 3rd period, German Shepherds wandered the halls sniffing lockers for drugs right outside of Smith's classroom; so, we all rushed to the door to watch :). Afterward, we turned in out Lesson 5 homework and took the quiz. For the quiz, we needed to know the part of speech of each work, the definition, and one synonym. Then after the SAT quiz, we took the Macbeth Act 5 quiz with a partner. The rest of the period was reserved for answering Smith's question on the blog, and working on your paper. 

EXTRAS: When answering Smith's topic sentence question on the blog you must remember what a topic sentence must include. Every topic sentence includes: the title, name of author, restate the question, answer the question, and WHY.

HW: Get a copy of Fahrenheit 451, find a banned book and print off the 'banned book' form off of Smith's web page, and finish and print out your paper and print off a rubric for it also. 


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