Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sep, 21 PERIOD 5

As kids shuffle into the classroom you can see on every one’s faces that they are worried for the test on Macbeth - Act 3. WELL GUESS WHAT! NO TEST TODAY!! Instead... the test will be tomorrow! So make sure you study!
Today we went over last night’s reading homework, which was to read Act 3, scene 6. This scene included Lennox and a Lord’s conversation was about whom they thought killed King Duncan and Banquo. Their final conclusion was that Macbeth killed them both, just to acquire the throne. Following our lengthy conversation about Macbeth, Mrs. Smith answered questions about SAT 4 (which is due Friday).  Here are the answers to some questions on our VOCAB.

Exercise 1-
1)                     Hedonism,  Perfunctory, Demeanor,  __________, ____________, Debacle, Obloquy, Quasi-.
  _________, Sacrosanct, ____________.
       Exercise 3-
  2          Inclination
3)                   Recliner, Decline
4)                   Hyperactive, Hypercritical

                  Exercise 5-
       3) C
       5) B
       8) D
      10) D

That’s all we did today! Remember study for the quiz on Act 3 tomorrow!
Homework: Study for quiz (TOMORROW).  Intro-2nd paragraph written out, outline 3rd paragraph and conclusion (DUE MONDAY).


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  1. Hey guys I'm sorry! My numbers are all messed up!
    It should be
    Exercise 1-
    1) Hedonism, Perfunctory, Demeanor, __________, ____________, Debacle, Obloquy, Quasi-.
    2) _________, Sacrosanct, ____________.

    Then for Exercise 3 I accidentally put two 2's! Sorry guys! Hope you still understand what I mean.