Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scribe Period 3

Hope everyone had and awesome homecoming week and dance!
On Friday everyone walked in with their black and gold showing, pumped for the pep assembly, bummed for the vocab quiz. After handing in our lesson work, we reluctantly completed the quiz and extra credit question. Being that we had a shortened hour, we quickly retrieved our Macbeth books and started reading Act 4.

Key notes for scene 1:
  • The 3 witches create 3 apparitions with advice hidden in them for Macbeth
  • Lennox informs Macbeth that Macduff has gone away England
  • Macbeth thinks about killing Lady Macduff and her children
We didn't quite finish scene 2 so we will discuss it on Monday.

  • Write 2nd body, outline 3rd body, and outline/write conclusion
  • Devil Hath Power blog
  • It might be a good idea to work ahead on your essay because it is due next Monday!!!!!

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