Monday, September 12, 2011

Period 5 9/12/11

Class started off pretty normal today with the usual greeting. Getting right into the homework, the only assignment tonight is to work on the SAT vocab exercises!
  We continued on by going over the vocab words so we are all prepared for the SAT exercises. Mrs. Smith pointed out that a lot of the vocab words could be applied in our writing. You could say that Macbeth is waiting for optimum conditions to preform  the murder or even use pedestrian to describe a boring book or assignment.
 Moving into our essays, everyone took out their intro and first body paragraph outlines. To edit them, we played a game of musical chairs! Like the actual game, we all stood up and walked around the desks as the music played. When the music stopped, we sat down with someone elses outline to look over.First we checked their intro to evaluate if they had a strong attention getter, an explanation, background info and a thesis . Mrs. Smith pointed out that we were not trying to be nice, we were giving them constructive criticism so they can improve their writing . When all the intros were edited, the music started playing again and everyone ended up with another essay. This time we went over the body paragraph. Make sure to not use contractions or personal words and to always have the period outside the quotation marks.
 After turning in our outlines, each person was assigned one of five words that are used in Macbeth more often than others. As we continue reading, we are to watch for the words and then write the quote where it is used on one of the colorful posters in the classroom marked with night, sleep, man, blood or hand. Keeping this in mind, we started to read Act 2 of Macbeth. We discussed how the dagger tempts Macbeth and how he already has a guilty way of thinking before actually committing the murder. It is like he puts the blame on the dagger for his actions.
 The bell rang as we were reading and the scene will continue on tomorrow where it left off.

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