Tuesday, September 13, 2011

English 9 Honors 9/13/11

     Hello Smith! With the usual greeting, we kicked off our fecund day! First, we were assigned our homework, just the SAT Vocabulary to worry about, due Friday. Second, Ms. Smith handed us back our outlines. She again specified that she was looking for our outline to be in outline format, and that we should be sure to include plenty of detail and thinking. Third, we moved on to Macbeth, briefly discussing act two, scene two before reading scenes three through four, all the while continuing to work on our word traces (the blood, man, hand, night, and sleep posters on the back wall). After we finished reading act two, we promptly moved on to watch our three favorite Macbeth videos displaying their versions of act two, scene two, where Macbeth has a discussion with a dagger. (I'm fairly certain both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are crazy. Macbeth talks to an imaginary dagger, and Lady Macbeth wants to bash her child's brains out. Anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?) On the intense and silent note of Macbeth placing the servant's dagger over King Duncan's beating heart, ready to end his life... the bell rang, and our ephemeral English 9 Honors class was over.

SAT Vocabulary Lesson 3 due Friday 

  • Bring in all questions tomorrow for discussion

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