Friday, September 2, 2011

Period 3 9/2/11

We all filtered into class talkative and restless with excitement for the three day weekend to come. The first thing we saw was an array of props, many of us hoped that some acting would occur during class. We all listened to annocments reminding us of the football games and other sporting events today and through the weekend. Finally laptops were up and running and we began class.
"Hello class!" said Mrs smith
"Hello Smith!" we all called out waiting for our next assignment. After our morning greetings We all turned in our SAT workbook problems and took out a sheet of paper for our vocabulary quiz. We were given ten minutes to finish our quiz and put it on the stool and start a reality check. Mrs. Smith pulled up a PowerPoint with questions asking how we were doing so far now that the first three weeks of school are over. We all took a few minutes for the reality check and after a slight complication with the printer we were done checking in and ready to rock and roll with Macbeth.
First books were passes out and we all recorded the book number we had. We were then told that since Shakespeare wrote Macbeth to be preformed that is what we would do. Mrs smith gave us a small lecture on how to be engaging when reading out loud. With these new tips in mind we were all ready to step up to the plate and act it out. We started with scene one and made it almost all the way through scene three. We were acting up until the bell. Remember check the blog often and post if you have questions or if you can help you classmates with their questions. Have a great weekend everybody and don't forget that thesis statements are due on tuesday!

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