Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scribe: September 29, 2011

"Hello class!" As soon as we heard this salutation, we responded with, "Hello Smith!" A day of English 5 Honors was about to begin. Our teacher started with placing the agenda and homework on the board. All that was on the agenda was to finish reading Macbeth with Act 5 and to watch videos of the ending (we did not do the latter).
SAT Lesson 5 exercises are due tomorrow
SAT Lesson 5 quiz tomorrow (Study the word, part of speech, definition and the synonyms)
Start thinking about banned books
Print banned book letter from Mrs. Smith’s teacher page
Edit your essay on social change resulting from literature
Have essay printed in MLA format by Monday
Act 5 quiz tomorrow

 The class continued with assigning parts for the last act. Everyone needed to have acted out a character, so Mrs. Smith assigned parts to different students.
Summary of Act 5:
Scene 1:  Lady Macbeth is starting to sleepwalk, during her sleepwalking; she acts like she is washing her hands. This shows how guilty she has become about the murders she and Macbeth have committed.
A Doctor and Lady Macbeth’s attendant observe her escapades. The doctor warns the attendant that Lady Macbeth might harm herself and to watch out for her.
In some ways, Lady Macbeth has just told the doctor and attendant that she had something to do with all of the murders.
Mrs. Smith talked about how at first, Macbeth was the one who felt guilty and now that Lady Macbeth has seen all of these murders by Macbeth, she feels guilty.
Made the connection to Lord of the Flies, they attempted to make excuses for Simon’s death. Eventually, the savages began to stop justifying.
Scene 2: All of the Scottish rebels, including Angus and Lennox, have gathered in Birnam wood, awaiting Malcolm and his army.
They speak of how Dunsinane is fortified by Macbeth. They all agree that he is evil and must be stopped.
Scene 3: Macbeth waits for the battle. He sees that a large army is coming to the castle. He speaks about all of the things he regrets about his life.
The doctor tells him that his wife cannot be cured and that her sickness is in her mind, not physical.
Scene 4: All of the rebels and the English have gathered in Birnam.
Malcolm tells the soldiers of his strategy to use tree branches as camouflage. This is the way that Birnam will march toward Dunsinane hill!
Scene 5: Macbeth believes that he cannot be killed so he starts mocking the enemy forces.
He learns that Lady Macbeth has died and he states that he wishes he had time to mourn.
After seeing that Birnam wood is “moving” toward the battle, he says he will fight in the battle.
Scene 6: Malcolm and his army reach the castle and start to prepare to attack.
Scene 7: Macbeth kills Siward, making him think that he is invincible.
Macduff searches for Macbeth; he wants revenge for his family’s murder.
Macbeth’s soldiers surrender and some join the rebels.
Scene 8: Macduff finally finds Macbeth. Macbeth does not want to fight Macduff because he has already killed his family.
Macbeth states that he cannot die, but Macduff was born and ripped from his mother’s womb.
Macduff defeats and cuts Macbeths head off. The new king gives thanks to all the men that helped him take back England.

 The bell rang right as the final word was spoken in the act. With cheerful feelings (due to the death of Macbeth) we filed out of the room ready for our next class.

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