Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9-20-11 Macbeth Act 3

Today after the annoncments we read and discussed Scene 3 Acts 3,4,5. Tomorrow we will have a quiz over scene 3.
Scene Discusions and Main Pionts
 Scene 2
Lady Macbeth was sweet and not caring as much about the set up of Ban quo’s murder. Macbeth on the other hand is taking control of the killing scene
Macbeth doesn’t really include lady Macbeth, he is a controling the whole process.
Macbeth won’t stop killing; he has blood lust.

Scene 3
Killing only happens in the night, light can’t be involved at all. The darkness hides the actions of wrong doings.
Ban quo was easier to kill than Duncan- To kill Duncan, lady Macbeth and Macbeth discussed it over but when it came to killing Ban Quo, Macbeth had it done for him with out muchdebate.
Macbeth hired people to 2 murderers to kill his best friend
When the murder scene was taking place, there were 3 murderers there. Was the third murderer macbeth checking up on the other  2 murderers or was it Shakespere putting himself in the scene?

Scene 4
Take a look at lines 170-171,  once a killer, always a killer. He is say that he has killed I so much the is no reason to not kill anymore
Lady Macbeth’s excuse to why Macbeth was acting the way he did was that he had been this way since he was a kid.

Scene 5
Believed this scene was added later.
The rhyme scheme is different when the witches speak then when mortals speak.
The 3 witches will make sure that Macbeth will make bad choices.
A point that was made was that humans are insecure- this has to do with the blog post.

Scene 6
Lennox believes that Macbeth is the killer

Write intro, body 1, body 2, and outline for body 3 and conclusion-due Monday.
Try to attend writing lab and don’t forget about the word walls.
Act 3 quiz tomorrow

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