Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Period 5 - 9/6/11

9/6/11 – Sam Reed

Daily Agenda:

· Scribe

· Writing lab day

· Individual conferences

· SAT wanted posters-week 1 words

· Review thesis statements (share with document camera)

· Assign SAT 2 (remember the SAT quiz that is on Friday)

· Read Macbeth 1. 4-6 (annotate based upon social change (blog questions on class blog!!)

· HW: SAT workbook (Friday), thesis statements, outline the intro and first body for your essay (due Monday), blog, questions

We first start with our SAT exercises (page 25) we discuss the words of lesson 2. We did this by going around the room with one person at a time reading a word and definition until we had covered all of them. After reading the words we went over the different exercises and just reviewed them and answered any questions. We discussed how important it is to read the starting passages when doing critical reading. Mrs. Smith high recommends reading the questions that are asked afterwards before reading the designated reading (these are great practice for the PSAT). Mrs. Smith is wanted by the law! Now we get into groups of around 4 people and have to make wanted posters of Mrs. Smith. She tells us to be making sure the posters have the average stuff you would see on wanted posters (big letters, picture, rewards, description of the person’s crimes, physical description, accomplices, etc). We have to use the vocabulary words from last week’s SAT practice sheet as well. We only have 15 minutes to work! So pressures on. To see an image of one of the posters, use the following link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/703/gsdfgsf.jpg/

Now we start to share our thesis statements and as a group we comment on each other thesis statements and learn how we can make them better. Some things you can do to improve your thesis statements are:

· Have your titles and authors somewhere in the intro.

· Don’t be to wordy

· Use good verbs (illustrate, influences, etc.)

· Make sure you have 3 reasons

· NO personal words in thesis statements or whole paragraphs (us, our, etc.)

· Italicize titles

· Use adjectives

· Take out examples and things that are not part of the body topic

· 1 sentence, maybe 2, but mostly 1

· A good website for vocab words is Lexipedia.com

· Get to the point, don’t beat around the bush.

We wrapped up class with this discussion and the headed on to our next class. Remember your homework!

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