Friday, September 16, 2011

Period 5 ,September 16

As we all filed into class one by one, there was one thought that loomed in our minds- TEST! The usual chatter filled the classroom but suddenly died when the bell rang and we heard, "Hello class!" We then read off the weekend assignments which are the following~

  • Finish second body paragraph outline (due Monday) and conclusion (the conclusion is optional but highly recommended!)
  • Write intro and first body paragraphs (due Monday)
  • Work on SAT lesson four exercises (also optional)
After we finished jotting our weekend homework, it was time to take the vocabulary test. When we finished, we grabbed our Macbeth quiz and a partner to do it with. After we all survived the tests, Mrs. Smith explained the next activity. We all had to make advertisements for spam. Yes, spam. However, in our advertisements, we had to include as many of our lesson three vocabulary words as we could. It was definitely interesting but we had a lot of fun with it! When we finished, we hung up our spam creations and waited for the bell to dismiss us. Needless to say, even though this week was interesting, next week will be crazy! It's homecoming week! Remember to dress up so that freshman can get the most points! Here are the themes-
  • Monday- Superhero Day
  • Tuesday- Black and White Formal Wear
  • Wednesday- Wacky Tacky (also a late start)
  • Thursday-Disney Day
  • Spirit Day (freshman and juniors are the color gold)

P.S.  I found a website about spam, it might be worth looking at....... Have an awesome weekend!

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