Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29, 2011

Hey fellow readers!! Today was a great day in Smiths' class! Yes we began with "Hey class" response " Hey Smith". Then we moved onto homework (there is an SAT test tomorrow, so STUDY!!) Then we moved onto reading the last act of Macbeth see recap below. Have a great rest of the day!!
Home work:
SAT Exercises, Copy of Fahrenheit 451, Banned or Challenged book, Work on your essay due Monday! ( is a great website to find even more banned or challenged books)

Recap on Act 5:
Macbeth has been losing his sure fullness on the witches prophesies because Macduff and his army have revenged against him. In doing so the army dresses up in camouflage to look like the Wood of Birnane as they start to walk towards the hill which is exactly what the witch’s prophesy said would happen when Macbeth becomes defeated. After Lady Macbeth has gone beyond crazy with her night h allucinations, she ends up dying. When word reaches Macbeth, he seems less than down, and he gives a speech that eventually everyone will die, you get your shining light but your candle will flicker out eventually. In the end, SPOILER ALLERT: Macduff kills Macbeth! Yes sorry if you have not yet read it, but it is ever so true. The reason Shakespeare uses Macduff to kill Macbeth, I believe, is for closure in revenge for killing his wife and children.

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