Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Period 5 9/14/11

Scribe post for block 5, 9/14/11

Daily agenda:

· Scribe

· Individual conferences

· SAT 3 question day

· Blog: Murderous Married Couple

· Watch Dagger scene: What do you notice, what’s going on?

· Discuss Macbeth as a tragic hero, challenging the system

· Word trace connections- get into groups; what do you notice about who says quote the most? What are intended meanings? What can be inferred?

· Paper: intro, body, body, conclusion

· HW: Blog, SAT work, Paper-write intro, and first body, outline second body (due Monday)

We started class by deciding when we would have our Macbeth test, the result after voting was that the test would be on Friday (be ready). Afterwards we went over the agenda and made sure we we’re all clear on it. After this we went over any questions anyone had on the SAT work. For the test (on Friday) make sure you know the words, definitions, spelling, and part of speech. After the SAT work, we started watching the Dagger Scene from Macbeth. We watched all three versions which were all very different in the characters, setting, and special effects, but all had the same concept. When we were done we discussed our thoughts on it and talked about how Macbeth acted. Then, we discussed if we saw anything in this that related to our big essay question; how is literature a motivator for social change. A really good point that was brought up is that literature can let us see what can happen in hypothetical situations. We wrapped up the day with a discussion of Macbeth and other tragic heroes with their tragic flaws.

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