Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Period 5- 9/28/11

Welcome to your recap of Wednesday, September 28! Today we all arrived straight from lunch and ready for some "serious" learning :). After grabbing our computers, sitting down, and pulling out our planners, we dove right in to English. The first thing we did was go over our homework for the night, and here it was:

  1. Blog Post: Macbeth Disappears, Macduff Takes Over
  2. Get a copy of Fahrenheit 451 if you want your own
  3. Keep looking into finding a banned/challenged book. Once you find one, visit Mrs. Smith's teacher webpage right here: and then go to the the section that says "Fahrenheit 451". Beneath that will be a link that says “Letter To Parents for Banned/Challenged Book”. You will need to print this out and have your parents sign it before you can get reading your book!
  4. SAT Vocabulary Due Friday, and a Quiz as usual on Section 5
Next in class we went over some SAT vocabulary exercises that were confusing to some people. Here they are:
Exercise I:
1. (in order in blanks): fop, rakish, pedantic, impaired, nebulous, imprecations
2. deference, elegy, (last blank): panegyric
Exercise III:
1. F: to stand in
2. petrified, cave, stones
4. petroleum
Exercise V:
10. B
9. A
Next up, we received our section 4 SAT Vocab practice and our section 4 quiz back, and then finished Act 4. We picked up on page 141, and continued this act using out lovely actors and actresses, starring Cassie, Cole, Lauren, and Ellie. Here's a quick summary of what happened in this act:

In the beginning of this act, Macbeth is angry and visits the witches to find out what is in his future. The witches show Macbeth three apparitions: the first warns him against Macduff, the second tells him to fear no man born of woman, and the third prophesizes that he will fall only when Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane castle. Macbeth is overconfident and is sure that none of this could ever happen. He does not know that the witches, out to cause mayhem, want to make him so confidant that he will inevitably fall. When he asks the witches if their prophesy about Banquo will come true (where his children will be kings), they show him a procession of eight kings, all of which look like Banquo. Macbeth is angry and curses the witches, leaving quickly.
Meanwhile in England, Malcolm tests Macduff's loyalty by pretending to confess all of his faults and why he should never be king. He "confesses" that if he were king, he would want to rape all of the women, take all of the land for himself, and be an even greater tyrant than Macbeth! When Macduff proves his loyalty to Scotland and Malcolm by denying that any of this could happen, the two strategize for their war against Macbeth. While this is happening, back in Scotland, Macbeth has Macduff’s wife and  children brutally murdered. Ross, the cousin of Lady Macduff who was murdered, enters and tells Macduff that his family has been killed. Macduff is enraged, and Malcolm tells him to let this drive him to revenge.

After we finished our reading, we took the Macbeth quiz on Act 4, working with a partner. All too soon the bell rang, and we were out of the door (only after carefully putting away our laptops) and on to finish another day at AHS!

Maddie Dorman 

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