Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday Scribe- 9/28/11

After we finished the usual bustle of setting your stuff down, grabbing your computer, spazzing a little bit to get to your desk in time to say the pledge of allegiance, and finally settling down to listen to the announcements( We do out usual chant of "Hello Everybody" and "Hello Smith", followed by the homework announcing and friendly reminders.

HW- Tomorrow last writing lab, located in the study center, before our Social Change Essay that's due Monday! Blog due tomorrow about Macbeth and Macduff. Begin researching what book you want to do that was banned/challenged. If you have found one go to Mrs. Smith's web page, and under the Fahrenheit 451 section click on Letter to Parents for Banned/Challenged book to print it off. Vocab Quiz and exercises due Friday! "Don't forget it or you'll regret it!"- Mother Gotham in Tangled!

SAT Questions and Answers:

Since it is Wednesday, we went over some of the questions people had about the SAT words! Exercise 1: #5-nebulous, #6-imprecation

Exercise 2: #15- "... when a deer fell into a river." For this one it is just an example so anything along these lines will be just fine.

Exercise 3: #1 E-to set out/stand out F-settling in, #2 Petrified, cave, stones, #3 You can stand under something/holding it up/If it falls down, you would die/ to maintain, #4- Petroleum

Sentence Errors: #1- D, correct version would be "was"., #3- B because it isn't possessive, correct version would be "Samantha's"., #5- E, has no errors. Tip- Very rarely will sentences have no errors.

Macbeth Act 4 end to Act 5 Scene 2:

Recap- Malcome has confessed all these horrible things he would do if he were king to Macduff, so he can determine whether or not he is true to him and his cause. Upon hearing these awful things, Macduff begins to dispare calling out "Oh Scotland, Scotland" (Shakespeare 4.3.116). He believes if Maclome cannot be king then there is no hope, no hope for Scotland. Once Malcome accepts that Macduff is on his side, he confesses that he was making all those horrible things up, and informs him that form England thousands of soldiers will fight against Macbeth. Doctor enters telling tales of how King Edward can heal people with scrofula with just a touch of his hand. They discuss this until Ross enters the scene. Macduff inquires after his family and finds out that that have been savagely slaughtered. Malcome asks him to morn for them later, but for now turn that sorrow into furry to fight Macbeth. In other words, he tells him to be a "man" and rub some dirt in it. Macduff vows to avenge them and so ends Act 4. Act 5 begins with the Doctor and a Gentlewoman secretly spying on Lady Macbeth and her sleepwalking. She walks around ceaselessly washing her hands to rid them of the invisible blood, and speaking to herself as she does so. The readers can understand what is going on since we know that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth killed Duncan, so we can connect that she is reliving that night. The two spies are surprised and concerned and flee the scene.

Something we spoke about as a class was how in some of the lines how there are many animal anaolgies, and how Macbeth has now completly flipped to the opposite of how he was before he killed Duncan. Remember to read the scenes still because there are several things I did not cover!

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope to see you all tomarrow!
Ruth Morton

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