Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27-2011

Today we finished going over the SAT words
Do exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, indentifying sentence errors, and sentence corrections. Do not do the writing section.
Next we learned more about Smith
High school-North Fargo (home of the Spartons) her favorite artist is Eric Clampton and favorite band is volleyball.
Her anniversary in June 6
Pet peeve is mean girls (not the movie)
Would live in her parents cabin
Lived in North Dakota, Colorado, and Minnesota and that’s all
Loves going to exotic places and would love to visit Italy
she ran cross country, track, and played volleyball in high school and in collage she played volleyball and ran track
height is 5’9’
 We then traded our third body outline and conclusion essay with a partner. The final draft of everything is due next week on Monday. This must be typed, doubled spaced, size 12, proofread, cited, stapled and ready to turn in at the beginning of class
Quote is in the middle of a sentence. Example: As Macbeth looked down the cold hallway “the dagger was leading him toward Duncan’s room” and he could not help but follow it (Shakespeare 1.1.1).
Two points will be lost without a lead in. Even more points will be lost for no follow up and even more points for wrong citations. Make sure there is a connection between the quote, paragraph point and social change OR connect everything at the end.
We discussed scene 2 and read the begining of scene 3. Be prepared for a quiz tomorrow!
Act 4 Scene 2 notes
  • Mucduff’s son was killed- first a king was killed, then a friend, and then a helpless innocent child
  • The son was saying that most men are liars and we can’t always know who to believe
  • Macduff fled to englend therefore lady Macbeth tells her son that he is dead to them (4.2.55)
  • The son is intelligent- he says they will be like birds-they will live off what they have (4.2.33)
  • Child can be killed center stage but the king must be killed off-stage 
  • Lady Macduff and her son are both dead.
 Scene 3 notes
  1. Malcom is saying that if he were king he would a terrible ruler. He says he doesn’t have any qualities of a king
  2. Macduff keeps that malcom is a good king. No matter if malcom did all the terrible things, he would still be a better king then Macbeth.
Homeowork: Act 4 quiz tomorrow. Put together the whole Macbeth and Lord of the Flies essay. Get a copy of Fahrenheit 451 and figure out what banned book you will be reading. SAT voacb.

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