Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Period 5, 9/13/11

        Today English of course began with “Hello Smith!”.  However, things soon became very tense as laptop number 1 was missing! Everyone was required to flip over their laptop and check to make sure they weren’t using number 1, however its location was and still is hidden. Once we were able to get over the tension of the missing laptop, we moved on to writing our homework down in our planners. Only SAT work again tonight!
        After writing down our homework, Ms. Smith gave us our edited outlines back and gave us some pointers. First off, the attention getters need to be significantly more intriguing. Who wants to read an essay when the first line just bores them to death? Also, the outlines need to be more of an actual outline and not an essay. This provides Ms. Smith of a sort of layout of your mind so she can see what your thinking and help you improve your overall production.
       Next it was time to read Macbeth. Today we were able to push through the rest of Act 2, reading Scenes 2, 3, and 4. We acted the scenes out as usual. We also were thinking of the five words described yesterday that have a common recurrence in the story. The five words were blood, sleep, man, night, and hand. After reading through scenes 2, 3, and 4, and discussing them thoroughly it was time to head off to our next class of the day.

Homework: Only SAT 3 exercises tonight that are due Friday. (It would be best to get them done and over with because homework will definitely pick up by the end of the week.)

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