Thursday, September 22, 2011

Period 3 September 22, 2011

After coming in restless and talkative, the class settled down and we got to work. On today's agenda: Finish Macbeth quizzes, word trace conclusions, reality check, and work time for essays. 

After the morning announcements, we got with our partners and finished our Macbeth Act 3 Quizzes. Later, we got into our word trace groups and discussed conclusions we made about our words. The groups decided that:
  • Hands symbolize desire (Macbeth's hand reaching for the dagger) and are used as a blame piece for actions (Macbeth's hands killed Duncan)
  • Night symbolizes a cover for evil and is the time that all things evil occur
  • Sleep symbolizes death and is not restful but tormenting
  • Man symbolizes not a singular person, but a generalization for all mankind
  • Blood symbolizes guilt and by this point in the book is becoming a part of people (water is unable to cleanse)
After discussing our word traces, the class then completed a reality check, allowing us to reflect on the last 6 weeks of Arapahoe (that means we have completed 1/6 of the year!).  When we all had finished our reality checks, we began a work day, used for working on our Literature as a Motivator for Social Change essays.

Homework: Finish SAT Exercises 4 and remember to study for the QUIZ tomorrow! Essay - Write intro through second body and outline third body through conclusion - Due Monday

Homecoming Week: Tomorrow is Spirit Day - Wear gold and score points for the Freshman class
Tomorrow is also the homecoming football game!
Saturday - Homecoming parade at 10 and Dance from 8-11

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