Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Period 5 9/20/11

     As you can guess, 5th period English obviously began with the daily tradition, “Hello Smith.” Ms. Smith proceeded on to make announcements for the day such as our homework. We have a Macbeth act 3 quiz tomorrow! Also, apparently there was a mistake in the blog question last night. (Had not gotten far enough in book) Most people just made educated guesses about how to answer the question, however we are receiving the option to redo our posts tonight.
    We then moved onto reading act 3 of Macbeth. Everyone was assigned with their acting roles and we started our stellar Macbeth acting performances! We were able to read all the way through scenes 2, 3, 4, and 5 to almost finish off act 3 of the book. We need to read scene 6 for homework tonight. (Only 2 pages) As mentioned before, we will have another Macbeth test tomorrow, over act 3.
    After we finished reading scene 5, class was over and we headed off to our period 6 classes.

Homecoming week reminders:
    -Wacky Tacky Day
    -Bonfire at 7:00 P.M. on Baseball field
    -Disney Day
    -Spirit Day (Freshmen and Juniors wear gold)
    -Football game at LPS Stadium at 7:00 PM
    -Parade at 10 AM
    -Dance at 8-11 PM

Homework: -Write intro and second body in MLA format (Due Monday)
-Write 3rd paragraph and conclusion outline (Due Monday)
-SAT 4 work
-Act 3 quiz tomorrow (Read scene 6)

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