Monday, September 12, 2011

Scribe Period 3 9/12/11

        Hello fellow classmates! Sorry this was posted so late, but I had marching band after school and had no time then!
                Today in Ms. Smith’s 3rd Hour English Class, we started off as usual with the regular “Hello class!” and “Hello Smith!” exchange.  We first talked about Language Lab. Ms. Smith told us that if we have Tuesday 1st 4th, and 5th (First Lunch) or Thursday 1st, 2nd,4th,and 5th (First Lunch), go to Language Lab located in the Study Center for help with your Macbeth Essay!
Afterwards, we moved on to our SAT vocabulary words for this week (see below for list).   We then looked at our outlines of the Macbeth/ Lord of the Flies essay and gave feedback on other people’s outlines by using Musical Editing. This technique is done when the teacher plays some music and the students walk in a pattern until the music stops. Then the students sit and start editing. We gave positive and constructive feedback on our peers’ essays.  The first person to see the outline gave feedback, and afterwards the second looked for things that the first may have missed. Items on the outline that the editors looked for were personal words, “this quote” after a quote, and if the writer had all the requirements of the outline.
We then read the first and second acts of scene 2, and when we saw Blood, Sleep, Man, Night, or Hand, we put it up on a poster, because those words are the most used words in Macbeth. These acts were mostly about how Macbeth killed Duncan, and how he regretted it and felt so bad about it.


SAT Vocabulary Words for this week:
·         Pedestrian
·         Bona fide
·         Adventitious
·         Fecund
·         Deviate
·         Obfuscate
·         Impale
·         Extenuate
·         Parochial
·         Glower
·         Edify
·         Ambiguous
·         Cataclysm
·         Optimum
·         Importune

Homework (Not too much today!) : SAT Vocab Week 3

Study Hard!!

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