Friday, September 16, 2011

Scribe for Thursday September 15th per 5

Hello class!!” Mrs.Smith exclaimed as she walked into the class. We answered, “Hello Smith.” Like we do everyday. After the usual hellos and Mrs.Smith concluding that the class was some where in between mediocre and stellar we went over today and tomorrows agenda. Tomorrow we will be having two tests, the SAT lesson 3 quiz and Macbeth act 2 quiz. For the SAT quiz you will need to know the words, their definitions, part of speech and how they're spelled. Over the weekend we will need to have our intro, and first body paragraph done and the second body outlined. Mrs. Smith mentioned that it needs to be detailed and it’s only going to help us out in the long run. Remember this is due Monday. Then Mrs. Smith informed us that we need to bring colored pictures of spam to class tomorrow for our fun Friday activity. I know what your thinking, the meat substance spam? Yes the meat substance spam. By the way if you need help on writing writing lab is outside the auxiliary gym on Tuesdays 1,4, and 5th block and on Thursdays 1,2,4, and 5th block. Then we talked about our posts the night before. Troy talked about that if Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were foot ball players Macbeth would be full back and Lady Macbeth would be the kicker. He explained that Lady Macbeth would be the kicker because the kickers is generally the player everyone hates, and it doesn’t take skill to be the kicker, which started people booing him which was funny. Then some other people said what they enjoyed blogging about and everyone was having a good time laughing and telling what they liked. After this we got into our groups according to what poster they had (hand, blood, night, man, sleep) and discuss about what the meanings of the word is in the quotes and who says it the most. Then we passed around our graded SAT exercises and Macbeth act 1 quiz. Here is a brief summary on the words:
Blood: Macbeth says blood the most and it talks about family or a symbol for evil and death.
Man: talking about lack of significance or ordinary not of importance
Sleep: symbol for death
Night: Banquo Lenox and Macduff say it a lot main events or criminal events happen at night, night means
vehicle or excuse for characters to carry on immoral acts
hand: symbol of killing, lady Macbeth and Macbeth blame their hands for the terrible deed they did.

Then we talked about putting our paper in the new MLA format


Class info
Date 3 October, 2011 (Date due)

Title Center justified font 12 (not underlined when you make title should be creative and engaging

Everything should be double spaced after top portion 12 font left justified, no space after paragraph.
Creating works cited Lord of the Flies and Macbeth for sure and any other sources you use (easy bib)
“                “(Shweitl). explain what quote is explaining dnt site who said it quote where it came from.
,”                 “ ( Shakespeare1.5.30). in text citation is separate from works cited.
for a connection between quotes (Shakespeare 1.7.17,34-36)
Asked questions about siting sources and Mrs. Smith clarified and answered them
Can use google account on easy bib
-Have to know how to know how to site for life
-People keep asking about the difference between in text citation and works cited and Mrs.Smith was getting aggravated and and even said she about to bang her head on tables and questions if shes speaking gibberish.
-Paraphrasing is still plagiarizing
It’s kind of funny and said at the same time because after each question Mrs. Smith answers she is gasping for air. Towards the end of class she just reminded us about our two quizzes tomorrow and that we need to do a better job on putting our lab tops away.

-Study for quizzes
-Work on intro and 1st body complete and 2nd body outlined
-Bring spam pictures tomorrow

-Marco Garcia

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