Monday, September 26, 2011

Period 5 9/2611

Hey guys! So today we started with the usual "Hey Smith!" then instead of the usual pull out your planners she mixed it up and told us we were moving seats! Yay! So make sure tomorrow you cheack with Smith to see where you sit. After we were all settled into our new seats she asked us to take out our planners to write down our homework- Make changes to paper, SAT exercises, Copy of 451 (only if you like to have your own copy to write in), also start looking at the most banned or challenged books and get an idea of which one you would like to read, but this is not a big priority the actual assignment has not been given to us yet. Then we voted on how we would like to edit our papers because the rest of it was due today! The options were to revise hard core with a partner or musical chairs editing. Magority ruled so we decided to revise hard core with a partner! Time flew by so quickly and Mrs. Smith was fighting to get a last word in while we were packing up! Remember writing lad Tuesdays and Thursdays!

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