Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011

     "Hello Smith!" After the usual morning announcements, class began. THIS MONDAY your Macbeth and Lord of the Flies paper is due. Don't forget to print it out, make sure it's double spaced, and have it in MLA format. The heading for your paper should go: Name, Class Info., Smith, 30 September, 2011. Then follows your title, centered and don't forget to make it creative! At the end of the paper should be a works cited page. Works Cited should be written at the top of the page, and centered. Then, you list your citations. You should cite both Macbeth and Lord of the Flies; cite the books, not all your quotes. Also, if you had an attention getter at the beginning of your paper, don't forget to cite that quote too. To make citing easier, you can go onto (plug in the ISBN number of your version of Macbeth; it should be located on top of the bar code) and put your citations in alphabetical order, double spaced, with hanging indents.DON'T FORGET TO PRINT OF THE RUBRIC FOR THE PAPER (under the Macbeth tap on Smith's teacher page) AND DO NOT STAPLE IT TO YOUR PAPER, TURN IT IN SEPARATELY. 
     During 3rd period, German Shepherds wandered the halls sniffing lockers for drugs right outside of Smith's classroom; so, we all rushed to the door to watch :). Afterward, we turned in out Lesson 5 homework and took the quiz. For the quiz, we needed to know the part of speech of each work, the definition, and one synonym. Then after the SAT quiz, we took the Macbeth Act 5 quiz with a partner. The rest of the period was reserved for answering Smith's question on the blog, and working on your paper. 

EXTRAS: When answering Smith's topic sentence question on the blog you must remember what a topic sentence must include. Every topic sentence includes: the title, name of author, restate the question, answer the question, and WHY.

HW: Get a copy of Fahrenheit 451, find a banned book and print off the 'banned book' form off of Smith's web page, and finish and print out your paper and print off a rubric for it also. 


Macbeth topic sentence

Compose a topic sentence that answers that following question: In William Shakespeare's Macbeth, what does Macbeth most value and why?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scribe: September 29, 2011

"Hello class!" As soon as we heard this salutation, we responded with, "Hello Smith!" A day of English 5 Honors was about to begin. Our teacher started with placing the agenda and homework on the board. All that was on the agenda was to finish reading Macbeth with Act 5 and to watch videos of the ending (we did not do the latter).
SAT Lesson 5 exercises are due tomorrow
SAT Lesson 5 quiz tomorrow (Study the word, part of speech, definition and the synonyms)
Start thinking about banned books
Print banned book letter from Mrs. Smith’s teacher page
Edit your essay on social change resulting from literature
Have essay printed in MLA format by Monday
Act 5 quiz tomorrow

 The class continued with assigning parts for the last act. Everyone needed to have acted out a character, so Mrs. Smith assigned parts to different students.
Summary of Act 5:
Scene 1:  Lady Macbeth is starting to sleepwalk, during her sleepwalking; she acts like she is washing her hands. This shows how guilty she has become about the murders she and Macbeth have committed.
A Doctor and Lady Macbeth’s attendant observe her escapades. The doctor warns the attendant that Lady Macbeth might harm herself and to watch out for her.
In some ways, Lady Macbeth has just told the doctor and attendant that she had something to do with all of the murders.
Mrs. Smith talked about how at first, Macbeth was the one who felt guilty and now that Lady Macbeth has seen all of these murders by Macbeth, she feels guilty.
Made the connection to Lord of the Flies, they attempted to make excuses for Simon’s death. Eventually, the savages began to stop justifying.
Scene 2: All of the Scottish rebels, including Angus and Lennox, have gathered in Birnam wood, awaiting Malcolm and his army.
They speak of how Dunsinane is fortified by Macbeth. They all agree that he is evil and must be stopped.
Scene 3: Macbeth waits for the battle. He sees that a large army is coming to the castle. He speaks about all of the things he regrets about his life.
The doctor tells him that his wife cannot be cured and that her sickness is in her mind, not physical.
Scene 4: All of the rebels and the English have gathered in Birnam.
Malcolm tells the soldiers of his strategy to use tree branches as camouflage. This is the way that Birnam will march toward Dunsinane hill!
Scene 5: Macbeth believes that he cannot be killed so he starts mocking the enemy forces.
He learns that Lady Macbeth has died and he states that he wishes he had time to mourn.
After seeing that Birnam wood is “moving” toward the battle, he says he will fight in the battle.
Scene 6: Malcolm and his army reach the castle and start to prepare to attack.
Scene 7: Macbeth kills Siward, making him think that he is invincible.
Macduff searches for Macbeth; he wants revenge for his family’s murder.
Macbeth’s soldiers surrender and some join the rebels.
Scene 8: Macduff finally finds Macbeth. Macbeth does not want to fight Macduff because he has already killed his family.
Macbeth states that he cannot die, but Macduff was born and ripped from his mother’s womb.
Macduff defeats and cuts Macbeths head off. The new king gives thanks to all the men that helped him take back England.

 The bell rang right as the final word was spoken in the act. With cheerful feelings (due to the death of Macbeth) we filed out of the room ready for our next class.

September 29, 2011

Hey fellow readers!! Today was a great day in Smiths' class! Yes we began with "Hey class" response " Hey Smith". Then we moved onto homework (there is an SAT test tomorrow, so STUDY!!) Then we moved onto reading the last act of Macbeth see recap below. Have a great rest of the day!!
Home work:
SAT Exercises, Copy of Fahrenheit 451, Banned or Challenged book, Work on your essay due Monday! ( is a great website to find even more banned or challenged books)

Recap on Act 5:
Macbeth has been losing his sure fullness on the witches prophesies because Macduff and his army have revenged against him. In doing so the army dresses up in camouflage to look like the Wood of Birnane as they start to walk towards the hill which is exactly what the witch’s prophesy said would happen when Macbeth becomes defeated. After Lady Macbeth has gone beyond crazy with her night h allucinations, she ends up dying. When word reaches Macbeth, he seems less than down, and he gives a speech that eventually everyone will die, you get your shining light but your candle will flicker out eventually. In the end, SPOILER ALLERT: Macduff kills Macbeth! Yes sorry if you have not yet read it, but it is ever so true. The reason Shakespeare uses Macduff to kill Macbeth, I believe, is for closure in revenge for killing his wife and children.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Period 5- 9/28/11

Welcome to your recap of Wednesday, September 28! Today we all arrived straight from lunch and ready for some "serious" learning :). After grabbing our computers, sitting down, and pulling out our planners, we dove right in to English. The first thing we did was go over our homework for the night, and here it was:

  1. Blog Post: Macbeth Disappears, Macduff Takes Over
  2. Get a copy of Fahrenheit 451 if you want your own
  3. Keep looking into finding a banned/challenged book. Once you find one, visit Mrs. Smith's teacher webpage right here: and then go to the the section that says "Fahrenheit 451". Beneath that will be a link that says “Letter To Parents for Banned/Challenged Book”. You will need to print this out and have your parents sign it before you can get reading your book!
  4. SAT Vocabulary Due Friday, and a Quiz as usual on Section 5
Next in class we went over some SAT vocabulary exercises that were confusing to some people. Here they are:
Exercise I:
1. (in order in blanks): fop, rakish, pedantic, impaired, nebulous, imprecations
2. deference, elegy, (last blank): panegyric
Exercise III:
1. F: to stand in
2. petrified, cave, stones
4. petroleum
Exercise V:
10. B
9. A
Next up, we received our section 4 SAT Vocab practice and our section 4 quiz back, and then finished Act 4. We picked up on page 141, and continued this act using out lovely actors and actresses, starring Cassie, Cole, Lauren, and Ellie. Here's a quick summary of what happened in this act:

In the beginning of this act, Macbeth is angry and visits the witches to find out what is in his future. The witches show Macbeth three apparitions: the first warns him against Macduff, the second tells him to fear no man born of woman, and the third prophesizes that he will fall only when Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane castle. Macbeth is overconfident and is sure that none of this could ever happen. He does not know that the witches, out to cause mayhem, want to make him so confidant that he will inevitably fall. When he asks the witches if their prophesy about Banquo will come true (where his children will be kings), they show him a procession of eight kings, all of which look like Banquo. Macbeth is angry and curses the witches, leaving quickly.
Meanwhile in England, Malcolm tests Macduff's loyalty by pretending to confess all of his faults and why he should never be king. He "confesses" that if he were king, he would want to rape all of the women, take all of the land for himself, and be an even greater tyrant than Macbeth! When Macduff proves his loyalty to Scotland and Malcolm by denying that any of this could happen, the two strategize for their war against Macbeth. While this is happening, back in Scotland, Macbeth has Macduff’s wife and  children brutally murdered. Ross, the cousin of Lady Macduff who was murdered, enters and tells Macduff that his family has been killed. Macduff is enraged, and Malcolm tells him to let this drive him to revenge.

After we finished our reading, we took the Macbeth quiz on Act 4, working with a partner. All too soon the bell rang, and we were out of the door (only after carefully putting away our laptops) and on to finish another day at AHS!

Maddie Dorman 

Wonderful Wednesday Scribe- 9/28/11

After we finished the usual bustle of setting your stuff down, grabbing your computer, spazzing a little bit to get to your desk in time to say the pledge of allegiance, and finally settling down to listen to the announcements( We do out usual chant of "Hello Everybody" and "Hello Smith", followed by the homework announcing and friendly reminders.

HW- Tomorrow last writing lab, located in the study center, before our Social Change Essay that's due Monday! Blog due tomorrow about Macbeth and Macduff. Begin researching what book you want to do that was banned/challenged. If you have found one go to Mrs. Smith's web page, and under the Fahrenheit 451 section click on Letter to Parents for Banned/Challenged book to print it off. Vocab Quiz and exercises due Friday! "Don't forget it or you'll regret it!"- Mother Gotham in Tangled!

SAT Questions and Answers:

Since it is Wednesday, we went over some of the questions people had about the SAT words! Exercise 1: #5-nebulous, #6-imprecation

Exercise 2: #15- "... when a deer fell into a river." For this one it is just an example so anything along these lines will be just fine.

Exercise 3: #1 E-to set out/stand out F-settling in, #2 Petrified, cave, stones, #3 You can stand under something/holding it up/If it falls down, you would die/ to maintain, #4- Petroleum

Sentence Errors: #1- D, correct version would be "was"., #3- B because it isn't possessive, correct version would be "Samantha's"., #5- E, has no errors. Tip- Very rarely will sentences have no errors.

Macbeth Act 4 end to Act 5 Scene 2:

Recap- Malcome has confessed all these horrible things he would do if he were king to Macduff, so he can determine whether or not he is true to him and his cause. Upon hearing these awful things, Macduff begins to dispare calling out "Oh Scotland, Scotland" (Shakespeare 4.3.116). He believes if Maclome cannot be king then there is no hope, no hope for Scotland. Once Malcome accepts that Macduff is on his side, he confesses that he was making all those horrible things up, and informs him that form England thousands of soldiers will fight against Macbeth. Doctor enters telling tales of how King Edward can heal people with scrofula with just a touch of his hand. They discuss this until Ross enters the scene. Macduff inquires after his family and finds out that that have been savagely slaughtered. Malcome asks him to morn for them later, but for now turn that sorrow into furry to fight Macbeth. In other words, he tells him to be a "man" and rub some dirt in it. Macduff vows to avenge them and so ends Act 4. Act 5 begins with the Doctor and a Gentlewoman secretly spying on Lady Macbeth and her sleepwalking. She walks around ceaselessly washing her hands to rid them of the invisible blood, and speaking to herself as she does so. The readers can understand what is going on since we know that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth killed Duncan, so we can connect that she is reliving that night. The two spies are surprised and concerned and flee the scene.

Something we spoke about as a class was how in some of the lines how there are many animal anaolgies, and how Macbeth has now completly flipped to the opposite of how he was before he killed Duncan. Remember to read the scenes still because there are several things I did not cover!

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope to see you all tomarrow!
Ruth Morton

Macduff appears; Macbeth disappears

Macduff and his family dominate Act 4, while Macbeth has all but disappeared from the play at this point. Consider the following:

Macbeth has 117 lines in each Act 1 and Act 2

He has 260 lines in Act 3 alone, yet he speaks a mere 73 lines in all of Act 4.

Why do you think Shakespeare is showing us action through the eyes and comments of characters other than Macbeth?

Why has Macbeth lost his privilege of delivering long soliloquies to the audience in which he ponders his dilemmas?

Who are we, the audience, supposed to be feeling sympathy for at this point?

Macbeth Act 5Questions

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27-2011

Today we finished going over the SAT words
Do exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, indentifying sentence errors, and sentence corrections. Do not do the writing section.
Next we learned more about Smith
High school-North Fargo (home of the Spartons) her favorite artist is Eric Clampton and favorite band is volleyball.
Her anniversary in June 6
Pet peeve is mean girls (not the movie)
Would live in her parents cabin
Lived in North Dakota, Colorado, and Minnesota and that’s all
Loves going to exotic places and would love to visit Italy
she ran cross country, track, and played volleyball in high school and in collage she played volleyball and ran track
height is 5’9’
 We then traded our third body outline and conclusion essay with a partner. The final draft of everything is due next week on Monday. This must be typed, doubled spaced, size 12, proofread, cited, stapled and ready to turn in at the beginning of class
Quote is in the middle of a sentence. Example: As Macbeth looked down the cold hallway “the dagger was leading him toward Duncan’s room” and he could not help but follow it (Shakespeare 1.1.1).
Two points will be lost without a lead in. Even more points will be lost for no follow up and even more points for wrong citations. Make sure there is a connection between the quote, paragraph point and social change OR connect everything at the end.
We discussed scene 2 and read the begining of scene 3. Be prepared for a quiz tomorrow!
Act 4 Scene 2 notes
  • Mucduff’s son was killed- first a king was killed, then a friend, and then a helpless innocent child
  • The son was saying that most men are liars and we can’t always know who to believe
  • Macduff fled to englend therefore lady Macbeth tells her son that he is dead to them (4.2.55)
  • The son is intelligent- he says they will be like birds-they will live off what they have (4.2.33)
  • Child can be killed center stage but the king must be killed off-stage 
  • Lady Macduff and her son are both dead.
 Scene 3 notes
  1. Malcom is saying that if he were king he would a terrible ruler. He says he doesn’t have any qualities of a king
  2. Macduff keeps that malcom is a good king. No matter if malcom did all the terrible things, he would still be a better king then Macbeth.
Homeowork: Act 4 quiz tomorrow. Put together the whole Macbeth and Lord of the Flies essay. Get a copy of Fahrenheit 451 and figure out what banned book you will be reading. SAT voacb.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Period 5 9/2611

Hey guys! So today we started with the usual "Hey Smith!" then instead of the usual pull out your planners she mixed it up and told us we were moving seats! Yay! So make sure tomorrow you cheack with Smith to see where you sit. After we were all settled into our new seats she asked us to take out our planners to write down our homework- Make changes to paper, SAT exercises, Copy of 451 (only if you like to have your own copy to write in), also start looking at the most banned or challenged books and get an idea of which one you would like to read, but this is not a big priority the actual assignment has not been given to us yet. Then we voted on how we would like to edit our papers because the rest of it was due today! The options were to revise hard core with a partner or musical chairs editing. Magority ruled so we decided to revise hard core with a partner! Time flew by so quickly and Mrs. Smith was fighting to get a last word in while we were packing up! Remember writing lad Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scribe Period 3

Hope everyone had and awesome homecoming week and dance!
On Friday everyone walked in with their black and gold showing, pumped for the pep assembly, bummed for the vocab quiz. After handing in our lesson work, we reluctantly completed the quiz and extra credit question. Being that we had a shortened hour, we quickly retrieved our Macbeth books and started reading Act 4.

Key notes for scene 1:
  • The 3 witches create 3 apparitions with advice hidden in them for Macbeth
  • Lennox informs Macbeth that Macduff has gone away England
  • Macbeth thinks about killing Lady Macduff and her children
We didn't quite finish scene 2 so we will discuss it on Monday.

  • Write 2nd body, outline 3rd body, and outline/write conclusion
  • Devil Hath Power blog
  • It might be a good idea to work ahead on your essay because it is due next Monday!!!!!

Scribe Period 5 September 23, 2011

To start off the class, Mrs. Smith collected our SAT Exercises for Lesson Four. After that, she handed out the dreaded vocabulary quiz, but lucky for us someone asked for some extra credit, so at least we were able to get some points for the words that we had missed.
As soon as everyone had finished that, we took off reading Scene 1 of Act Four in Macbeth. The scene starts off with three witches huddled around a fire talking about destroying Macbeth once and for all, and yes, our actors had a fake fire to read their lines around.
Some notes about Scene 1:

  • Hecate said she was going to make Macbeth overly confident with himself and about how things were going to turn out.
  • The witches make three apparitions appear, which each have a advice hidden in them for Macbeth.
                     The 1st: an armed head, which means that Macbeth should stay away from Macduff.
                     The 2nd: a bloody child, which means that no one will harm Macbeth.
                     The 3rd: a baby with a crown holding a tree, which means that Macbeth won't be defeated till he fights at Dunsenaine hill, the forest will have to move, and Banquo's legacy will keep going as king of Scotland.

  • Macbeth learns from Lennox that Macduff has fled to England
  • Macbeth wants to kill Macduff's wife and children
Act Four Scene 2 Notes:

  • Macduff's son is killed
Homework for Monday:

  1. Write out the second body paragraph, 
  2. Outline the 3rd body paragraph and the conclusion
  3. Blog about devils in Macbeth on the class blog.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Devil Hath Power

“The devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape.” (Shakespeare Hamlet)

1. How do you interpret the above quote? In other words, how would you explain its message to someone else?

2. Who is playing the role of the devil in Macbeth? Are there several devils in this play? Briefly explain and support your answer.

3. Describe the evil that has occurred in the play so far. What is the pleasing shape it has taken on?

4. Is there any good or decency in this play so far? Which do you think will triumph at the end of the play-good or evil? Briefly explain your response.

Macbeth Act 4 Questions

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scribe Period 5 September 22, 2011

    Today as usual we got our lap tops out of the carts and sat down anticipating another day in Ms. Smith's class. "Hello class!" Ms. Smith shouts to us. 
"Hello Smith!" we all call back in unison. Next, we whipped out our planners and copied down the homework which was...
  • SAT Exercises (we have the quiz tomorrow on Lesson 4 so study, study, study). 
  • Due Monday: Written intro-second body, outline 3rd body and conclusion 
    We had a few announcements consisting of attending writing lab which is on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the study center and we were informed that we have been in school for 6 weeks! Wow that went by fast. We all dreaded what was to come next... the Act 3 Macbeth quiz! It was not too bad as we were aloud to work with a partner. Once we finished our tests, which I am proud to say that we remembered to ask for extra credit(: we migrated into our word trace groups. We worked together to understand our words more in depth and come to solid conclusions about what the word symbolizes. This is what our class came up with for our interpretations of the following words. 
Man: Used as a position of honor or wisdom. You are a man, you must be strong and brave enough to do the things requested of you. Stature of a man.
Blood: Macbeth tries to flee the guilt but he can’t. The blood isn’t just life giving it is guilt .The more Macbeth kills, the more the blood of the victims become apart of him.
Sleep: Sleep is innocent or a cover. Sleep is deprived of the guilty. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth can"t sleep anymore, they talk of strange and bewildering nightmares.
Night: All murders happen at night. A disguise to the crime. A cover, taking over the day. No light when it is needed.
Hand: The things Macbeth see’s in his head his hands did, so the hands become the guilty piece or the murderer. As if the hands kill without Macbeth really doing anything.
      After we hung our word trace posters up we proceeded onto do a reality check. The check was on the same questions as last time and Ms. Smith wanted us to notice if we had changed or grown since the last check. She urged us to ponder on how we may change for the next reality check. While we vigorously typed away on our lap tops, Ms. Smith played some "typing music" for us which was quite lovely! When we were finished we printed our reality checks, placed them on the stool and packed up to move onto our next great adventure! 
P.S. Everyone looked great in their Disney costumes today! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Period 3 September 22, 2011

After coming in restless and talkative, the class settled down and we got to work. On today's agenda: Finish Macbeth quizzes, word trace conclusions, reality check, and work time for essays. 

After the morning announcements, we got with our partners and finished our Macbeth Act 3 Quizzes. Later, we got into our word trace groups and discussed conclusions we made about our words. The groups decided that:
  • Hands symbolize desire (Macbeth's hand reaching for the dagger) and are used as a blame piece for actions (Macbeth's hands killed Duncan)
  • Night symbolizes a cover for evil and is the time that all things evil occur
  • Sleep symbolizes death and is not restful but tormenting
  • Man symbolizes not a singular person, but a generalization for all mankind
  • Blood symbolizes guilt and by this point in the book is becoming a part of people (water is unable to cleanse)
After discussing our word traces, the class then completed a reality check, allowing us to reflect on the last 6 weeks of Arapahoe (that means we have completed 1/6 of the year!).  When we all had finished our reality checks, we began a work day, used for working on our Literature as a Motivator for Social Change essays.

Homework: Finish SAT Exercises 4 and remember to study for the QUIZ tomorrow! Essay - Write intro through second body and outline third body through conclusion - Due Monday

Homecoming Week: Tomorrow is Spirit Day - Wear gold and score points for the Freshman class
Tomorrow is also the homecoming football game!
Saturday - Homecoming parade at 10 and Dance from 8-11

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scribe Period 3 september 21

Hello classmates!!!

Today was a late start, woo hoo!!!

Today we went over our SAT exercises, and if we had any questions about the exercises, they were answered.
Here's what we went over:

Exercise 1:
2: Perfunctory
3: Sadistic
2: sacrosanct

Exercise 3: 
3. hyperactive; hypercritical
perfunctory sadistic

Exercise 5:

4: B
5: B
8: D
10: D

We then had a brief pre-quiz discussion over Act Three, and how the two quotes about blood were a very important part of the act.
We took our Act Three quiz and we were allowed to work in partners!


Study for SAT Quiz Friday
Writing Intro and body paragraphs 1 and 2 and outlining the 3rd body and the conclusion. DUE MONDAY

Sep, 21 PERIOD 5

As kids shuffle into the classroom you can see on every one’s faces that they are worried for the test on Macbeth - Act 3. WELL GUESS WHAT! NO TEST TODAY!! Instead... the test will be tomorrow! So make sure you study!
Today we went over last night’s reading homework, which was to read Act 3, scene 6. This scene included Lennox and a Lord’s conversation was about whom they thought killed King Duncan and Banquo. Their final conclusion was that Macbeth killed them both, just to acquire the throne. Following our lengthy conversation about Macbeth, Mrs. Smith answered questions about SAT 4 (which is due Friday).  Here are the answers to some questions on our VOCAB.

Exercise 1-
1)                     Hedonism,  Perfunctory, Demeanor,  __________, ____________, Debacle, Obloquy, Quasi-.
  _________, Sacrosanct, ____________.
       Exercise 3-
  2          Inclination
3)                   Recliner, Decline
4)                   Hyperactive, Hypercritical

                  Exercise 5-
       3) C
       5) B
       8) D
      10) D

That’s all we did today! Remember study for the quiz on Act 3 tomorrow!
Homework: Study for quiz (TOMORROW).  Intro-2nd paragraph written out, outline 3rd paragraph and conclusion (DUE MONDAY).


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Period 5 9/20/11

     As you can guess, 5th period English obviously began with the daily tradition, “Hello Smith.” Ms. Smith proceeded on to make announcements for the day such as our homework. We have a Macbeth act 3 quiz tomorrow! Also, apparently there was a mistake in the blog question last night. (Had not gotten far enough in book) Most people just made educated guesses about how to answer the question, however we are receiving the option to redo our posts tonight.
    We then moved onto reading act 3 of Macbeth. Everyone was assigned with their acting roles and we started our stellar Macbeth acting performances! We were able to read all the way through scenes 2, 3, 4, and 5 to almost finish off act 3 of the book. We need to read scene 6 for homework tonight. (Only 2 pages) As mentioned before, we will have another Macbeth test tomorrow, over act 3.
    After we finished reading scene 5, class was over and we headed off to our period 6 classes.

Homecoming week reminders:
    -Wacky Tacky Day
    -Bonfire at 7:00 P.M. on Baseball field
    -Disney Day
    -Spirit Day (Freshmen and Juniors wear gold)
    -Football game at LPS Stadium at 7:00 PM
    -Parade at 10 AM
    -Dance at 8-11 PM

Homework: -Write intro and second body in MLA format (Due Monday)
-Write 3rd paragraph and conclusion outline (Due Monday)
-SAT 4 work
-Act 3 quiz tomorrow (Read scene 6)