Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012 Period 3

Today, we had the AMAZING experience of skyping with Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother. The discussion was engaging, eye-opening, and fantastic! After skyping with him, we returned to class to discuss what we thought of the experience. Then, we continued to grammar with sentence parts and phrases:

                   prep. phrase  prep. phrase
carla looked (at herself) (in the mirror) and recited the poem fire and ice
   S         v               op                     op                  v               do           app

                                                                   prep. ph.                                                prep. 
we saw a midsummer nights dream (at the buell theater) after we saw the play (at ahs)
S     v                           do                                           op                     s     v      do         op

After that, we were given the rest of the time to work on our CSAP packet or reading Little Brother.

Read Chapter 18-Epilogue of Little Brother and have 2 questions for our discussion tomorrow
Bring letter-writing materials for Thursday
Softball CSAP packet due Friday

5th period January 31,2012

Hey guys! so we all had an exciting day skyping with Cory right!

anyways.. during class we went over out tuesday's grammer notes.

carla looked at herself in the mirror and reflected the poem fire and ice
   S        V                                                      V               do

we saw a midsummer nights dream at the buell theater after we saw the play at ahs
  S    V                                                                                           V

after that we watched a fantastic presentation by Maddie, Brooke, Emily and Zoe

the duration of class consisted of a discussion about the skype with Cory.
  • Exposing teenagers to adult things at a young age.
  • Where should teens be exposed to this content?
  • How classics contain questionable content.
  • Cory's next book "Homeland"
Have a great day
<3 Emily

Skype session with Cory Doctorow

Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 Smith 3

Hello everybody! Today we started by listening to the Arapahoe Daily Announcements. Then we were welcomed with “Hello class,” and of course the response, “Hello Smith!” Then  we discussed tomorrow which is our Skype date with Cory Doctorow. If you are asking a question tomorrow, make sure you are prepared so you don’t experience stage fright in front of him. Next we talked about the letter writing campaign, and we decided that we would do it but at a less work load which is good with our paper coming up soon. We will write a letter to anyone that we want once a week during class(that means this won’t be homework!). On February 2, 7,14,21, and 29 we will be writing in class. On those days you need to come prepared with paper, an envelope and stamps. After this we did grammar and since it was Monday we only did parts of speech. The first sentence went like this…

carla(N) looked(av) at(prep) herself(refl. prn) in(prep) the(art) mirror(n) and(cc) recited(av) the(art) poem(n)      [fire and ice](N)

The next sentence was…

we(prn) saw(av) [a midsummer nights dream](N) at(prep) the(art) [buell theater](N) after(sc) we(prn) saw(av) the(art) play(n) at(prep) ahs(N)

After the excitement of grammar we took it easy and watched some movies. We talked about each one and got into a great discussion. The bell came to dismiss and we continued throughout our days.
  • ·         Meet in the forum during 2nd period to Skype with Cory Doctorow, come prepared!
  • ·         Bring a piece of technology to Skype with(Ex: laptop, phone, etc.) There are only 30 some computers so try to bring something to use to Skype with
  • ·         CSAP “Softball” packet due Friday
  • ·         Read chapter 20-epilogue in Little Brother with 1 question

Skype with Doctorow

Friday, January 27, 2012

Period 3 1/27/2012

As you know (or should know), Ms. Smith was not here today, so Mr. Rosenberg took her place directing us in our usual Friday routine. First, we passed in our CSAP packet and our grammar worksheet. Next, we took the grammar quiz. Finally, we had a fishbowl on chapters 13-17 of Little Brother. A few topics the inner circle covered were: Ange and Marcus' relationship, the goal of terrorists, saying the pledge every day in class, and religion. 

  • Read chapters 18-19 of Little Brother and have 1 question for Monday

  • Skyping with Cory Doctorow is set for January 31 (We will be missing 2nd period)
  • Our final Little Brother fishbowl, chapter 18-epilogue will be next Wednesday, February 1st


Period Five Friday Scribe!

Hey guys!
There was no "Hello Smith" this afternoon, as we had Mr. Rosenburg for a sub. He called attendance, got most of our names right, and then handed us our grammar test.
We also had a successful fishbowl!
Homework: Read through 19 of Little Brother.

Happy Friday everyone!

LB 13-17 Period 5

LB 13-17 Period 3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scribe Period 5

-- Being the day of presentations everyone sat nervously in there seats waiting for the show to begin. "Hello Class" Mrs. Smith said as she strolled into class. We answered"Hello Smith" like we usually do. Before we started presentations Mrs. Smith talked to us about this new project discovered on BOING Boing a sight that  Cory Doctrow is a part of. The new project was an idea called a month of letters were in total you would have to write about 24 letters in the month of February. Mrs. Smith told us to read the article today and to think about if it is somthing we would be interested in doing. Then we quickly did punctuation and diagramming on our two sentences for the week.

Then we were off and the presentations began. We started off with a serious/ funny interview of the Chicago 7, Ned Kelley and Marcus Yallow as Nick's group shared us their presentation. Then Brian's group hit us with a ever so cool virtual chat between the three. Then Lauren's group showed us their ver cool and creative animation for their presentation. Maddie's group read us these unique original poems they wrote comparing Marcus, Ned and the Chicago 7. Joey's group did a really informational Prezi that was well done. Up next was Hunter's group which did a Prezi in the background well Jeremy Sam and Hunter acted out a meeting between the three freedom fighters. Last but surely not least the class and I learned how to catch a terrorist as Sarah's group did a very comical and informative skit.

After we were done presenting Mrs. Smith reviewed with us what we have learned about presentations from the beginning of the year with the horrific Macbeth presentations till now. Some of the key elements we came up with were: thinking outside the box, keeping the audience attention, using new and creative ways to get the information across and not lecturing but teaching the class about the topic. We also watched a video on drones exposing us to what the future could hold bringing up the same question of security vs. freedom.

The homework for tonight is to read through chapter 17 with 2 BIG thinking questions, be ready for the grammar test tomorrow, prepare for the grammar test, and be ready to run the fishbowl tomorrow just like if Mrs. Smith was there. Have a good evening and see you tomorrow.

Smith 3 Scribe 1/26

Being the day of presentations, everyone was clustered around in there groups discussing last minute details for their comparisons. As always, Mrs. Smith greeted us with the exuberant, “Hello class!” And always we responded with an equally enthusiastic, “Hello Smith”. Because we are Mrs. Smith’s experimental class, she ran the idea of a fun project discovered on Boing Boing (a site that Cory Doctorow is part of). It is call The Month of Letters Challenge created by Mary Kowal. Your object is to write a letter to anyone every postal day of February (24 days). It doesn’t even have to be a letter! It could be a newspaper clipping, a picture, or maybe a swatch of fabric. With a world centered around technology and texting relationships, this would be a great way to reconnect with people and experience a world outside of texting and emailing. We will discuss more about this proposal on Monday. After our “family” discussion, it was on to grammar. Today we worked on punctuation, capitalization, and diagramming. REMEMBER: TOMORROW IS OUR GRAMMAR TEST!!!!! Although Mrs. Smith boggled our mines with “The Rocket Ship”, it was time to move on to the presentations. There were 5 groups that presented; each one was unique except for the fact that they all involved the whole class and kept our attention. At the end of class, Mrs. Smith asked us to compare today presentations the ones from the very beginning of the school year about Macbeth. Obviously they were much better! Great job everyone!!! Also remember that we have a sub tomorrow.
Homework: read chapters 13-17 in Little Brother with 3 high level thinking questions, CSAP Packet
Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scribe Period 5

Hello class! Hello Smith

Today all the kids sat into their seats anxious to start on our projects that are DUE TOMMROW!! Remember.. IMPRESS SMITH! Do something AMAZING! First on the agenda was to copy down the homework which is down below. Also, if you have not posted your question for Doctorow, do it! There is a post by Mrs. Smith down below, so comment your question there! No more posting right on the blog. Mrs. Smith was annoyed with all of those posts! Second we went over the CSAP packet for this week, Words to Live By. If you have not completed the packet already remember to read the questions FIRST, and highlight the key words! Also we discussed the phrase "paint-by-number life," and for those of you who were confused on this question remember on CSAP, try to look for clues in the passage, or make your best educated guess to what this phrase means in order to answer the question. This will help you on CSAP. Oh yes, now for the fun stuff... GRAMMAR! Today was a short 2 minute lesson. Both sentences are independent clauses, which means... CORRECT! They are simple sentences! Remember ya'll the test is Friday, so study, study, study! After, Mrs. Smith gave us around 30 minutes to work on our projects. We will be presenting those TOMMROW in class so make sure you are prepared. I hope you have a great week!


-Read chapters 13-17 of Little Brother, and two to three questions for the fishbowl on Friday.
-CSAP packet due Friday.
-Grammar test Friday.

Question For Cory Doctrow

After reading Little Brother and analyzing some of your thoughts on the threat of an overpowering government what is your take on today's government? Also do you think that groups like Anonymous and other hackers are taking the necessary steps in keeping the government from becoming overpowered or would you take a different rout in accomplishing this task?

Question for Cory Doctorow

After congress has delayed SOPA/PIPA a new bill that could possibly be worldwide called ACTA has been proposed, is there a reason why these bills are being made and added now? Have bills like these been proposed before?

Question For Cory Doctorow

Is a rebellion such as the one that Marcus created possible in today's nation? Do you believe that the government has reached the point of the one in Little Brother?

Question For Cory Doctorow

With the PIPA act passing through congress, how do you see the government siezing control of the nation's internet privacy and personal censorship?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Question for Cory Doctorow, Little Brother

Looking through Marcus' perspective, I agree with his opinion and his act of rebellion, however it has left me wondering yet again what it takes to challenge the system.  If we apply the status of the government from Little Brother to reality, (even though there are already some major similarities) do you think that the people such as Marcus and whomever else, would have the advantage and have what it takes to challenge the government like this, or do you think in our current situation, the government has way more control then we know/think?
-Savannah D

Question for Cory Doctorow

I completely agree with Marcus' reasoning against the DHS's intrusive, liberty killing anti-terrorist movement. However, I was wondering what you think the government should do to protect America in the case of another terror attack? Should the people be able to directly vote to pass laws like the Patriot Act the way we vote for our president?
-Brooke E

Question for Cory Doctorow

Do you know, off your own knowledge, about all the technology Marcus uses and how it is used to get around the surveillance of Homeland Security? If so, do you know for a fact that all of these would work in a situation such as Marcus'?
Hello Class? What’s poppin? Today, we briefly went over the homework and grammar in class and then we got right down to work on our new project.
o   Read 13-14, 1 question
o   CSAP
o   Cory Doctorow questions
§  submit by tomorrow on blog post
§  everyone needs at least one question
  --- Grammar
o   Can (hv)(V) you (prn)(S) come (av)(V) over (adv) and (cc) watch (av)(V) the (art) movie (n)(Do) Casablanca (N)(app) after (prep) school (n/op)
o   The (art) [chemistry club] (N)(S)visited (av)(V) [boulder colorado] (N)(Do) for (prep) an (art) appointment (n)
--- Group project
o   We broke up into groups of three to four in order to discuss the topic:
§  What do Ned Kelly, Marcus and the Chicago Seven have in common?  
o   Present findings Thursday
o   Remember!!! Be creative!!!


Question for Little Brother Author

Q: What inspired you to write a book as controversial as Little Brother is? Did the novels 1984 or Fahrenheit 451 have any affect?


Scribe January 24, 2012

Homework: Read 13-14, 1 higher level thinking question, CSAP, submit on the blog a question that you would like to ask Cory Doctrow.

Can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school
Can- Verb
You- Subject
Come- Verb
Watch- Verb
Movie- Direct Object
Casablanca- Appostitive
After School- Prep Phrase
School- Op

the chemistry club visited boulder colorado for an experiment
Chemistry Club-Proper Noun
Visited- Verb
Boulder Colorado- Direct object
For an Experiment- Prep Phrase
Experiment- Op

During Class: 
We got into groups of 4. Smith gave us a project due this Thursday. This project includes talking about: Ned Kelly, Chicago 7, and Marcus. Create an interesting and engaging presentation of what these three have in common. Award is a CAKE!!! (or any other treat from Smith’s List of Goodness, But I know from experience that the Cake is the best.) Make it reeeeaaaallllyyyyy interesting! You could make a movie, Audio, anything that will make Smith and the whole class cry with happiness, DUE THURSDAY!
Apparently Mywebsperation.com was suggested to check out in case you don’t have any ideas for your group.
*The picture to the right is Ned Kelly. Good looking man Huh?