Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 Smith 3

Hello everybody! Today we started by listening to the Arapahoe Daily Announcements. Then we were welcomed with “Hello class,” and of course the response, “Hello Smith!” Then  we discussed tomorrow which is our Skype date with Cory Doctorow. If you are asking a question tomorrow, make sure you are prepared so you don’t experience stage fright in front of him. Next we talked about the letter writing campaign, and we decided that we would do it but at a less work load which is good with our paper coming up soon. We will write a letter to anyone that we want once a week during class(that means this won’t be homework!). On February 2, 7,14,21, and 29 we will be writing in class. On those days you need to come prepared with paper, an envelope and stamps. After this we did grammar and since it was Monday we only did parts of speech. The first sentence went like this…

carla(N) looked(av) at(prep) herself(refl. prn) in(prep) the(art) mirror(n) and(cc) recited(av) the(art) poem(n)      [fire and ice](N)

The next sentence was…

we(prn) saw(av) [a midsummer nights dream](N) at(prep) the(art) [buell theater](N) after(sc) we(prn) saw(av) the(art) play(n) at(prep) ahs(N)

After the excitement of grammar we took it easy and watched some movies. We talked about each one and got into a great discussion. The bell came to dismiss and we continued throughout our days.
  • ·         Meet in the forum during 2nd period to Skype with Cory Doctorow, come prepared!
  • ·         Bring a piece of technology to Skype with(Ex: laptop, phone, etc.) There are only 30 some computers so try to bring something to use to Skype with
  • ·         CSAP “Softball” packet due Friday
  • ·         Read chapter 20-epilogue in Little Brother with 1 question

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