Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scribe 1/18/12

The class began when we all walked in and saw Mr. Fisch and Ben sitting in front of the classroom. Announcments came on and the class was restless and excited for the disscusion to come. We all turned our attention to the back chalkboard where we did wednesdays grammer, and delt with our first compound sentance. The rest of class was spent having a thought provoking and interesting disscusion with Mr. Fisch amd Ben. Some of the things discussed were the SOPA and PIPA acts, privacy, trust, incription, NSA, In Loco Parentes, facial recongnition systems and much more. Homework for the day was to work on CSAP packet and reading Little Brother. Everyone left the class with their eyes opened. Thanks again to Mr. Fisch and Ben for comming to talk to all of us!

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