Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scribe 1-10-12 PERIOD 5

We started of the day with a Hello/Howdy/What's poppin Smith and got down to business. 

First, Grammar:
my friend (subject) alex (appositive) plays (verb) tennis (direct object complement)

our friend (subject) tom (appositive) is (linking verb) the next president (predicate nominative complement) [after obama (prepostional phrase)]

Second, Fishbowl
Every one had great questions, which sparked very intellectual and insightful conversations. Keep it up!!!

Finally, Cory Doctorow
Remember to remind your third hour teachers that you are going to be gone on the 31st!
Homework: Little Brother chapters 1-5 are due by next tuesday. You can get it free at craphound.com!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!!!!!!

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