Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smith 3 1-17-12

Hello Class!
Today we started out with grammar. Our two sentences are...

                                          hv, adv
N      av      n      cc pron (can not) av  adv
jeb likes cars but he (can’t       drive) yet
S      v      do           S          v    
N                  av     art adj    n               N            prep pron adj     n
Kristen watched the tv show (law and order) (in her law class)
S              v                         do         app                      prep ph op

Then, we did our Fishbowl over Ch 1-5. (See below Cover it Live). Smith checked for two questions. We discussed how 1984 influenced Cory Doctrow’s ideas on Marcus’ character. Also, the fact that media and security are prominent in our society today. We compared our government to the government in Little Brother and 1984. We discussed the need for safety vs. the need for freedom. If you were asked by the government, would you unlock your phone? In addition, teens are rebellious and know how to use technology, so the government watches them closely (ex: Columbine). How much power for a government is too much, and how much power do they need for our safety? Terrorist acts result in more security and limitations of freedom. Power is a slippery slope and a happy median can never satisfy everyone. Everyone is happy until it happens to them (ex: Airport security).

To see the schedule for the rest of the week, see Smith’s website calender. (See Link) Calender
Enjoy your short week!
HW: Read Ch 6-7 and write one question. CSAP (Hunger) packet.

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