Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scribe 1-17-12 PERIOD 5!!!!!!!

We started off the day with a “What’s poppin’ Smith?!” and got right down to work.

  • Our two sentences for the week are:
o jeb likes cars but he cant drive yet
o Kristin watched the tv show law and order in her law class
o If you have any questions feel free to ask Smith or comment below!
  • What’s new in Grammar
o Conjunctions
o Adverbs
o Compound sentences
  • Some topics discussed were:
o   What are some parallels between 1984 and Little Brother?
o   Do you think the government actually bombed the bridge, not the terrorists?
o   What happened to Daryl?
o   How is the society in Little Brother like our society today?
o   If you were in Marcus’s position what would you have done?

Homework: Chapters 6-7 in LB and 1 higher level thinking question, CSAP PACKET(Due Friday)

If you have any other questions about homework this week just check out the calendar on Smith's web page! Have a great week!!!
P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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